5 Ways to Drink Coffee in a Luxurious Way

Tierra Jeter, owner of La’Fleur Coffee Boutique

If there’s one thing millennials around the world have in common, it’s a taste for coffee everyday. As we all know, getting coffee from your favorite cafe or boutique can be an expensive routine. However, the aroma, texture, relaxing environment,and the luxury experience ultimately keeps us coming back.

For millennial women, coffee has become a bit of a ritual as much as it has become a necessity. According to Tierra Jeter, owner of Fairfield-based La’Fleur Coffee Boutique, millennials thrive off of quality interactions, and are known to spend their dollars on products and services based on convenience, quality and overall experience.

“As a millennial, I believe that a lot of us are simply intrigued by coffee culture and the connection it creates.”

-Tierra Jeter

Although coffee can be a necessity, many look at it as a luxury. Coffee alone is not that expensive but, it definitely adds up especially if you’re a little bougie and make your purchases at coffee boutiques.

As a millennial women, who loves an experience, I think coffee should be consumed in a luxurious way. If you’re not on the go, headed to work first thing in the morning I strongly suggest going to a local boutique with beautiful aesthetics because we love a good selfie and photo ops, lounge areas, soothing music, and most importantly a menu with various options to choose from. This is the only way you can truly enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a luxurious way.

Here are five ways to drink coffee in a luxurious way according to Jeter.

  1. Find a nice setting, whether it’s your favorite room at home, a nice coffee shop, or a beautiful day in nature.
  2. Use high quality arabica beans that have been freshly grounded.
  3. Have your coffee brewed using an Espresso machine, French press, or a Pourover coffee maker.
  4. Prepare your coffee drink in a nice glass mug or iced coffee cup. You could also use gold coffee stirrers or straws.
  5. Use high quality milk, natural syrups, and additives to create your ideal coffee drink.

To ensure she creates a luxury experience for her customers whether in person or online making sure high quality beans are in stock is a must. In addition, she takes customer service seriously.

When shopping online our customers are drawn in by our website aesthetic, and provided with easy navigation.”

-Tierra Jeter

All orders placed online are hand packaged by Jeter, along with thank you cards, hand written messages, and discount codes for future orders. When my customers enter the shop, located in Fairfield, AL, she make sure they are walking into an aesthetically pleasing environment.

“Each customer is greeted with a smile, provided with excellent service, great products, good vibes, and good conversation. I’m very attentive when it comes to my customers desires and I strive to make sure their experience keeps them coming back.”

How do you enjoy your coffee in a luxurious way? Do you purchase coffee daily or make yours at home? Let us know below. We’d love to hear from you.


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