Hello!!! I am Nicole Sade’ an author, blogger and freelance journalist based in Birmingham, AL. My writing career started about six years ago while attending college, working a full time job, and dealing with what I thought was a serious relationship. After becoming worn out and stressed I began to look for ways to share what I was going through in an impactful way. I started Nicolesade.com, a blog that inspires, uplift, and encourages young women with relatable content.

Blogging led me to writing my first novel, No Room for Trust. Based on the experiences of young women in Birmingham, the novel is a tale that many teens and young adults could relate to. Inside of the novel, I’ve covered various topics using different scenarios about relationships, friendships, building trust, dating, being a college student and more.

Since graduating college, I have written for a number of publications including Birmingham Times, Reckon South, Forty Magazine, Red Pash Magazine, CampusLately and more. 

This is also a platform for young women to share their personal stories, short stories, career, life, love, beauty and relationship tips.

We’re always looking for new writers! Interested in submitting your own story or contributing to Nicole Sade’? Shoot us an email

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  1. I so enjoyed your book…I think you are an awesome writer. I can’t wait for the follow up book because you left me like what???? Lol! Please bless us soon with another book!

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