Almost 23

As of now I am 22 years old…. But guess who’s going to be 23 tomorrow. ME!! And of course I feel good about it. This 22nd year has shown me a lot. Wayyy more than I could have imagine.

I celebrated my birthday this weekend with really close friends and family. I went out to eat Saturday night at Brio Tuscan Grille. After that me and some friends gathered and went to Levels, a club located in downtown Birmingham.  I invited several people but of course everybody couldn’t make it. Those that did show up we had a wonderful time and I received several gifts.

One of my biggest surprises was my birthday cake. I had the perfect idea in my head on how I wanted to set up my section at the club venue. My vision was to have a sophisticated grown and sexy look. So I decided to go with the colors pink, gold, and white. Originally, I asked a friend of mine that has her own catering business to do a simple pink rose swirl cake.  For her to show up with a pink gold and white rose swirl cake with an additional tier totally surprised me. She went the extra mile to put gold glitter numbers with a gold crown sitting on top. Tears literally came to my eyes. To top the cake off I had Kate Spade candles that was given to me at the Kate Spade store when I purchased a purse last weekend. Along with the candles they gave me gold Kate Spade confetti and matches to light my candles! That allowed my set up at Levels be the  along with my gold pink and white balloons.

I’ve posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Because of that I’ve received several happy Birthday text which I think is so hilarious and cute. Not quite guys…. give me a few more hours!

22 you were good to me, 23 show up and show out!!!