Let It Go

We’ve all heard “Everything happens for a reason.” When most people hear or think of this saying we think about typical situations like job opportunities, finances and more.

Often times we don’t think about our relationships, whether it’s with a friend, family member, coworker or a mate. Whenever someone walks away or do something that we’re not fun of we get upset. I’ve come to realize people are put in our paths to serve a purpose. It could be for a day, week, months or a year. WHEN ITS TIME TO LET GO WE NEED TO LET GO!

Sometimes we hold on a little to long. No matter how obvious the signs to let go are BIG AS DAY. It takes a level of maturity to understand when someone doesn’t add value to your life. You begin to discover more about you and who you are.

I’ve found myself in these situations a lot lately. I’ve had a hard time letting people go. The reason being is because I didn’t know how to do it or simply because that’s what I was use to. I never want to come off mean and at times its hard to explain to people that’s not on the same level that you’re currently on. That can be spiritually, mentally, and academically. In the past, I’ve had friends that gradually fell out of my life. At first I didn’t understand but I did realize that when I began to ask God to remove those that didn’t mean any good.

Surround yourself with people who’s supportive.Always surround yourself with people that wants to see you win. Over the last few months I’ve been hanging out with people that has goals almost like mine and some a little different. Most importantly we all give each other some type of push to reach these goals. No one is envious of the next person. Anyone that constantly ask you questions about your business or goals, but has never really supported you.. cut that snake OFF!

GET AWAY FROM ALL NEGATIVITY. If its constant gossip and criticizing others its BAD FOR BUSINESS!

Your decisions NOW, will have a major impact of your future. Letting go of old toxic relationships will open doors for better ones.

Whats holding you back? What steps can you take to let go and move forward? Leave a comment I want to hear from you!!