Women on First Date

Going on a date with someone does not mean you’re committed to them…especially not the first date. Typically the first date would consist of you and him getting to know each other. Nervous? Yes that’s normal but you will loosen up eventually. The first date could be a success and lead to several more dates afterwards. Here are somethings you should  consider doing to make your date a successful one….

  1. Let him plan..

I would hope the guy asked you out and you didn’t ask him. If that’s the case let him do all the planning. This is something I’ve done in the past. That will allow you to see how romantic and creative he can be. If he comes up with something corny just go with the flow. The first dates wont always be your idea date. If he take you on a trail to run tie those shoe strings tight and start to jog.

2. Dress to Impress

Looking good on a date is one of the biggest criteria for a successful date. Never let him forget what you wore. You are dressing up and deciding what to wear on a date because you want to make an impression, right? So focus on making a good one!

Wear comfy clothing, but add something that defines who you are. Dressing up in t-shirt and jeans, or a blouse and skirt can be comfortable. But it doesn’t reveal much about you. Wear a sexy fitting dress with light accessories. Be a little revealing but not too much. Make sure the breast is sitting up pretty and booty sitting up LoL Just kidding. Dont forget a bomb shoe. A real man loves a woman with nice pairs of shoes. Do not wear high heels if he’s your height or shorter…you are purposely embarrassing him.  Because most women love hopping on SnapChat and Instagram taking pictures…. make sure you get Krowned with the best 100% Virgin hair.

3. Bomb Conversation

CONVERSATIONS ARE EVERYTHING….It reveals a lot about your character.  Dont sit there and be uptight open your damn mouth. Try not to talk too much. Talking too much and not allowing him to talk will most likely turn him off. Your chances for another good date most likely wont happen. Avoid talking about your past relationships and sometimes future plans. Try not to just talk about yourself leave room for him to chime in on somethings. You’re not in a relationship yet so asking questions that are too personal too early into the date can make you appear nosy especially if he is an athlete or have the potential of going pro Lmao. 

4. Be Considerate

If you are high maintenance don’t make the man go broke. Be considerate of his pockets. He may have to pay bills at the first of the month lol. If he orders a fancy drinks or dish then go for it. He’s clearly in a splurging mood. If he pull out a stack of money he’s a drug dealer….. RUN lol  

5. Put your Phone Away

People have the habit of checking their phone every two minutes. It is very rude to stare at your phone most of the time you’re on a date. How can you get to know someone strolling through Facebook and Instagram. Text message, phone calls, and notifications can wait. Posting pics while they’re not looking is definitely weird too. 

6. The right way to say Goodbye

There is a way to end a good night. When the date is over and you’re about to part ways let him know how much you enjoyed him. Thank him for what ever it is that he planned for you guys to do. It’s ok to throw in a hug. Just make sure when you walk off you have his attention.





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