Pull it Together!

Some days are better than others. Sometimes you may feel like you haven’t accomplished enough, you’re not good enough to be in a relationship, you don’t qualify for the job, business is slow ect. All of these things will cause you to have a meltdown! Just take a deep breath! There are several ways to pull yourself together and get in a better space!

1- Pamper yourself!

Usually when I’m in a bad space I pamper myself. Which I encourage every individual whether male or female to do this on a regular. Pampering myself consist of getting my hair, nails, toes, and eyebrows done. I’ll stop by a near by mall and pick up a few things. Now if i really want to splurge it never fails…I’ll stop by the Kate Spade store in the Summit!!

2- Talk about it!

Many of us have a habit of holding in things that bothers us. Holding it in allows it to sit in you and build up. When it finally comes out you’re going to explode hunny! Grab you a friend or two or maybe a family member that truly loves and understand you so that you can spill all of the tea. Plan a girls night out! Those are the best!

3- Make a Commitment!

Be committed to wanting to do better! Learn from the past situations. Whatever cause the last meltdown try not to back track those habits. Once you get in a better space follow the same techniques to keep you there!

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