Nigga’s Can be Thirsty Too!

Model Tavin Cummings (Hood Fellas Wear) 

The thirst is real honeyyyyyy!

The only men that denies being thirsty typically don’t know the meaning and the characteristics. Those who are described as “thirsty” usually come off the most desperate when dating around or trying to land a hook up. This actually makes it harder to get laid or get a date. The first step to overcoming your obvious quench of thirst is to acknowledge it in the first place.
Here are a few characteristic of someone who is thirsty AF!


1. He likes your post on Facebook within SECONDS. Either that or he’s steady heart-ing your Instagram pics, he’s first or second to view your Inst-Story, and first and foremost he does not forget to leave a comment. Some will go the extra mile and (Back-stalk the hell out of your pics from 2012)

Now look, when you’re into someone it’s normal to want them to like your status updates because it shows you’re into them… But damn. Get a drink of water before you Like.

2. He’s constantly sending thirsty texts or d*ck pics.

This will get you BLOCKED quick. To me it’s inappropriate, gross, and just shows he’s probably too stupid to maintain a decent conversation.


3. Check’s out other females in front of you

At this point he’s a total douche-bag! This is wayyyyy to disrespectful. Has this happen to you before?


4. He constantly talks about your body!

This shit is so annoying to me. I can admit I have a nice shape. This is something I’m aware of.. I look at myself daily lol. But its annoying if I go on a date with a guy and so happen to stand up or walk past him at some point and he says,

“Damn you have an ass on you.” 

Ummmm sir you could have kept that shit to yourself. Now after this date you cant contact me because you’re gonna be BLOCKED with your thirsty ass! I’ve had a guy to tell me this multiple times on one date!

5. He’s constantly commenting on social media photos, asking why you don’t talk to him, and just making a fool of himself online.

You know the type…. the guys who comment on a million different photos of yours, asking when you two will hang out or leave emojis so now the nigga you’re really crushing on thinks you’re player.

6. He Invites you to “chill” at his place.

Sir you can take me out and spend those coins.. or you wont see me at all! Not every female is into Netflixing and chilling. Too much is going on in this world. Men are going out like creeps these days…. I’m good love enjoy!

7. He’s in total denial when you actively point out how thirsty he is

This would typically strike a nerve. Usually because its true and they are ashamed you are calling them out on their shit. They will come up with every excuse there is to prove they are not thirsty.


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