Unfaithful Women

There is a common misperception that it’s only men who step out on their partners and that women are always faithful. Now days boyfriends and husbands are blown away by their partners infidelity . Men fail to realize women been having options it’s just out in the open more and they are getting caught up!! Soooo yes women are guilty of cheating.. however, unlike men we’re good at maintaining a double-life that often times it’s almost impossible to tell an adulterous woman and a faithful one apart. Although we’re good at covering our tracks, we’ve been having some slip ups lately. Slip ups that may consist of….

Calling the Wrong Name…

I’ve done this before. During the time I was dating I so happen to have interest in guys who’s name started with the same letter. So yea those in person conversations tore my ass up when I had to refer to them by their name. For women that are married or in a relationship please don’t slip up by calling the wrong name especially in bed. Calling him another name clearly screams you wish your side lover was there or you’ve been sleeping around.

Changing the Settings on Our Phone….

If you’re using your phone to communicate with you side lover make sure your settings are right in your phone. When men suspect something is going on the phone is the first thing they will watch. I wouldn’t recommend keeping your phone on silent if that’s not something you do on a regular. I do recommend if your side lover likes to text a lot make sure the messages do not pop up on your lock screen. If needed put them on do not disturb. Oh and when we start changing passwords your partner knows what’s up and at this point its OVER.

Treating Him Like a Friend

During the times of cheating our interactions with our partner becomes less romantic and flirty. We’re basically putting them in the friend zone which is a huge red flag.

Concerned about His Whereabouts….

Ladies stop asking about his whereabouts. Women who are cheating need to know where their partners are at all times in order to successfully plan their scandalous escapades accordingly. Otherwise, You’re putting yourself at risk of having your boyfriend or husband walk in on your plans that you’ve worked so hard for.

Pregnancy Slip Ups

Women aren’t easily satisfied in bed. There is a misconception that only men enjoy sex. But plenty of women also enjoy sex, and if they’re not getting it at home, or if it’s not enjoyable to them, for whatever reason, we will get it elsewhere. It is common to hear about men having break babies but women are actually getting pregnant not knowing who’s their child’s father.

So in other word women do the same things men do and we play the same games. I think we just do it better. Women will often get caught cheating mostly when they leave evidence. For the most part, without the few slip ups we don’t get caught. We act normal while keeping our indiscretion secret.

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