International Friendship Day

“Friends are the family you choose.”

Am I the only one that didn’t know about this unofficial holiday? This is a day to celebrate our friends! If you ask me it’s a reason to spend money LOL. International Day of Friendship is a United Nations(UN) observance and not a public holiday.

Most of us have friends for different reasons and different things but I think this day is specifically for those who have been there for us through good times, tough times and most importantly those we can rely on.
As we grow older, some friendships naturally becomea dull or uninterested, some have an expiration date, others become toxic and we have to let them go. BUT WE HAVE TO LOVE THE ONES THAT STICKS AROUND!
This friendship day goes out to the real ones who have stood by us and stuck around, they should truly be appreciated and honored in our life. We should make them feel extra special with some touchy gifts.

With that being said Friendship Day is a great opportunity to spend time with friends.
Take the time schedule for some fun activities that everybody can enjoy. Due to me not knowing about this holiday and not being able to send out gifts I’m about to plan a day out for me and my friends. I’m thinking a night out with some good food, good drinks and hookah! ON ME!