Side Chick in Friendships?

Ya know…. they say side chicks always gets the short end of the stick.

Not all side chicks get the short end of the stick but majority of them does. A side chick is usually the other woman, the last option, her feelings are not taken into consideration and you’re searching for validation. They don’t just exist in relationships or situationships but many of us are side-chicks in friendships. Yes … ya homegirl don’t love you!

I’ll admit I’ve been a side chick before but not willingly. At times I would find myself hanging out with friends only when it was convenient for them. They would call me when their significant other or friends weren’t available. I was always accessible. I was a side chick in some of my friendships and when I realized it I happily cut those TOXIC FRIENDS OFF. After a while you’ll get tired of being left out when it comes to trips, dinners, spa days and more.

People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you!”

I had an old friend that would always call me to vent. She was much older than me and had several other friends. After some time I wondered why I would be the one she would call when it came to certain subject matters. I learned I was the friend that was honest while the rest would feed her the bullshit she wanted to hear. So I guess its safe to say I was the friend with way more sense. However, this was the friend that would plan a girls day or weekend whether it was for her birthday or a random day without inviting me. Although she would mention it to me it was clear I wasn’t invited. She would go as far as saying, “me and you can do something separately like grab food and drinks another day.”

“My feelings were hurt!”

I’ll be honest… I accepted that treatment for several reasons for a long time until I cut the friendship off. My feelings were hurt when it became an on going thing. I would go as far as inviting her out to outings and birthday gatherings and she would always say she already had plans with other friends and she would catch up with me another time.

Recently, I noticed a weekly pattern with one of my colleagues who I’ve had several outings with. Every week this person is out having drinks posting fun pictures ya know… seeming to be living their best life. And if we’re being honest here who wouldn’t want to be apart of that. I found myself saying to this person on multiple occasions ” Hey invite me there next time I’d love to go.” Months have gone bye and I’ve yet to get an invite LOL.

When you’re placed in certain categories by people at times you have to take it for what it is and either play your part or move forward and don’t look back. I chose to move forward! I’m no longer anybody’s SIDE CHICK.

Have you ever felt like a side chick in your friendship? When did you realize it? Did you confront your so call friend? Keep pushing! Better friends are coming!