Date Until You Get it Right

There are so many misconceptions about dating and new found meanings of it. But to me it’s simple. Dating is when two individuals get together to explore the possibilities of a romantic relationship. Ladies… you should take your time and experience what’s out there for you before you settle or make big decisions on having kids and maybe marriage with someone.

I know this may sound weird coming from me.. LOL the same person that wrote I Am Not Accepting Bae Applications! My Career Comes Before Love but now Ya girl have a change of heart. I’m really out here intentionally dating!

What do I mean by intentional dating? I’m dating with a purpose. There is one goal set with anybody that I decide to date. That goal is for me to determine whether the person I’m dating is right for me to propel into a relationship that will lead to marriage with the right person,the right way, and the right time. That is what my heart desire and I won’t settle for less than that. In the process of dating I’ve…

Set Expectations I do not try to mold someone into something I want them to be. Over time I’ve learned to never tell a guy specifically what I want or what I like. On a date, it’s very common for a guy to ask questions like “ So what do you like or what are you looking for in a guy?” As women we will quickly come with up with things like consistency with communication, gifts… when really we should say a relationship, someone that knows how to treat a woman, loyalty, trustworthy, sits me on a pedestal and treat me like a queen. Those words alone tells a man what you’re expecting. To be honest every man can’t and won’t give you any of that. Nowadays they just go with the flow of things and treat you how you allow them.

Treat Myself Like the Prize If you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a situation with a guy who will essentially do whatever he wants because he knows he can get away with it and you’ll still be there. You should be asking yourself, “Is he good enough for me? Of all the guys I could have, is he the one I choose?”

Allowed People to Assume First let me say this…always stay classy and private.. keep people guessing. I get a thrill out of this one. Every now and then I’ll post a celebrity crush or make a status about being in a relationship and people will laugh. And to be honest I laugh it off but it’s offensive because why are they laughing is a question I’ve yet to find an answer to. Is it because I’ve never went public? Is it because they don’t think I’m capable of being in a relationship? What is it? I’ve never went public on social media about who I’m dating. I don’t feel the need to do that. At times while out on a date, I’ll post a picture of food and petty me will have the guys arm or hands in it LOL. It keeps males and females wondering. I don’t need social media validation however, when the time is right I’ll pop out.

Stayed Feminine The more feminine you are the more you have high value options with men.

I Don’t Chase If you chase him in the beginning you’ll most likely have to chase him during the course of your entire relationship. Never go out of your way to be masculine. Check out my latest post Let Him Chase You! Here you’ll find tips on ways to let things flow.

Continue to Elevate Not every person I date will become my husband. But during that time it allows me to see what I will and won’t accept. What I do and don’t like. Ideally, after ending things with one guy I’ll upgrade. The quality of the man gets better if that makes sense.

Move on quietly and don’t go back! When things don’t work out I’ll just delete the contact delete the text thread and move forward! Of course I don’t post on social media about it and I definitely don’t leave the line of communication open for him to come back.



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