6 Ways to Have Better Sleep

Mark Desmond for Olivia Halle

I love getting sleep. Seriously ….LOVE it. Sleep is the best way to reset, refresh, and most importantly rest. For the last two years I had the chance to work from home. This allowed me to take a nap everyday. However, those naps can barely compare to the sleep I get at night. One day, maybe about a year ago, I researched ways to get better sleep. My daily routine would consist of working 7a.m.- 3-pm and class from 3:30p.m. until 9p.m. So yea my brain would always be on the go. Therefore I made it a priority to be in bed by 10p.m. That was a huge step to better sleep but I was missing key factors. After doing research, I learned in order to get better sleep I needed to switch things up a little. I needed to sleep in a luxurious way. Luxury sleep is not just limited to getting a full 8 hours of sleep, it also represents the quality of your experience that can be determined by many factors. I had to add sleeping accessories that enhanced the quality of the 8 hours I receive every night. I spent a pretty penny but it has been worth it. So if you’re looking for ways to enhance your sleep and make the most out of those 8 hours in a luxurious way, keep reading the tips below.

Silk Pajamas

Girl grow up and stop sleeping in those raggedy tshirts and purchase a silk set of pajamas from Suite Elevyn 28. Being such a luxurious fabric, silk pajamas are known to help with problems during sleep by ensuring your comfort all night long and boost your confidence. Silk is known to be gentle and soothing on the skin while helping you fall asleep faster.

Silk Sleeping Mask

Keeping light off your eyes is important if you want a good night’s rest..Eye masks help prevent light from reaching the retina of your eyes. Our bodies naturally respond to light by activating our sleep-wake cycle. Complete darkness increases melatonin levels, which helps you fall asleep much faster and because our brains associate darkness with sleep an eye mask can help mute the noise and block out distractions. They are also great for moisture and sensitive skin.

Silk Sheets and Pillow Cases

We all know the feeling of tossing and turning in bed, restlessly trying to sleep while the mind wanders uncontrollably.Just imagine how I felt everyday after working, attending class and having to study all in one day. When I learned the importance of having silk bedding I immediately headed over to Amazon to order. Since sleeping on silk my sleep has improved tremendously. Besides my bedroom looking like a five-star hotel my skin has improved, my breathing through the night has improved and my hair is flourishing.

Satin/ Silk Scarfs and Bonnets

Since wearing silk scarves and bonnets my hair maintains its softness, moisture and free if tangles. As a natural gal, I try to do everything I can to prevent my hair from frizzing up especially in this 1000000 degree heat.

Consider Aromatherapy

Research demonstrates that because smell affects sleep, incorporating certain essential oils into your bedtime routine may help people sleep better. I don’t always remember to turn my burner on but the last scent I’ve burned usually still lingers. I plan to invest in another diffuser soon. Lavender and peppermint scents seems to work for me. I feel way more relaxed. Lavender is great for calming the nerves for better sleep.

Soothing Music

Some nights are just difficult if im being honest. Especially if I wake up at about 2a.m. It’s usually hard for me to go back to sleep. My go to is always music. I grab my phone, go to YouTube and choose light rain or thunderstorm music. It works for me so you’ll have to see what works for you. For some, classical music is more effective. It is known to be relaxing and decrease levels of stress hormones.

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