Happy and Healthy Vajayjay

Everyone seems to be talking about everybody else’s vajayjays and not their own. So many of us are so wrapped up in our peers and celebrity gossip we haven’t realized the importance of making sure we have a happy and health vajayjay. And yes a vajayjay is a vagina… THATS WHAT I CALL IT. The more you take care of her the more you’ll appreciate her.Below I’ve shared ways women can keep their little lady happy and healthy.

A happier vajayjay is a happier you!

Wax it Off

Pubic hairs serves a damn good purpose, however women find it way more sexier to get rid of it. Waxing has become a very popular and convenient method to remove hair due to its longer-lasting affect. When I get a bikini wax I feel like I have a whole new vajayjay. It boost my self-esteem a little. Waxing works better for most women because shaving with a razor can cause razor bumps.


Exfoliating around the vajayjay area promotes healthy skin and prevents irritation around the vagina. When I got my first bikini wax, I was told to exfoliate every two to three days. Since exfoliating with sugar scrubs my skin has become so soft and appears beautiful with lots of moisture. Oh and I’m razor bump free!!

Steam Her

Vaginal steaming is known to cleanse the vajayjay and uterus. It helps with regulating a womens period, ease cramps and bloating. While its known to to have many health benefits, a lot of women have mention how it has help them with fertility issues. Most women get pregnant after having their vagina steamed because the steam cause them to be wetter and tighter.

Eat Fruits

If you want to feel and taste good …. Listen ….. eat pineapples and strawberries for sure! No but seriously eat healthy foods that are beneficial for you vagina.. your little lady will appreciate you!and drink lots of water!

Take a probiotic daily

When it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy vaginal balance, you should take a probiotic daily. Probiotic’s are basically good bacteria that helps keep your gut healthy by preventing the growth of bad bacteria. It’s important because an unhealthy vajayjay can lead to infections and other health problems.

Get Regular Screenings

Stay current with your health screenings and visit your gynecologist for routine healthcare. AND SHOWER BEFORE YOU GO.

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