Healthy Morning Routines

People swear they are a morning person but, have the most unhealthiest routines there is. Your morning routine and what you do when you first wake up matters because how you spend your morning can set you up for success for the rest of the day. People should really consider using their mornings to be intentional about self-care, wellness, creativity, reflection, and productivity. For example…

Wake up Early

Waking up 30 minutes to an hour early wont kill you especially if you’re carving this time out just for yourself. My question for you is, what would you do with that extra time? Besides lay there like me lol

Don’t look at your phone

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Come on sis you grab your phone stop trying to think hard about this question. If I’m being honest that’s me too lol. I promise I’m getting better at it. The only reason I look at my phone is to check the time because ya girl is ALWAYS over sleeping. Checking the time ultimately leads to me checking text messages, emails and somehow I end up on Instagram. Therefore this one is a tad bit harder for me except for on the weekends. Together, lets vow to practice not looking at our phones the first one after waking up.

Pray and meditate

This is something I do as soon as I open my eyes. At times I’m praying while falling back asleep. It’s a top priority for me to talk to God at the top of my morning. While talking to him, I ask that the Holy Spirit navigate me and that I’m representing and pleasing God. Prayer will set the tone for you day!

Move your Body

Adding a workout to your morning routine will help your body feel more awake, energized, and productive throughout the day. This is proven to help a person become more focused throughout the day and it improves your mood. Although some people will do a full workout, if that’s not for you then figure out what works best. Maybe you can do yoga, pilates, walking outdoors, or just simply stretch.

Eat a nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast is a crucial opportunity to fit in more nutrients and give your body energy to get through the day. I wish this was taught to me at a much younger age. I didn’t eat breakfast growing up. I was that kid that purposely arrived to school late to miss breakfast. I just wasn’t interested. Now as an adult, I try to eat breakfast as much as possible. I’ve learned my days are better, I’m less grumpy and don’t find myself extremely hungry during lunch time. Lately, Açaí Bowls have had me in a chokehold. REAL BAD.


We all know how important water is. Sis, drink a glass or a full bottle of water. Allow your body to be rehydrated. Do you find yourself feeling sluggish and tired most days? Well drink some water, it will give you energy.

Plan your Day

I typically would plan my week on Sundays. Also I’ll review it the night before while preparing for bed. The morning of, I revisit my to do list and revise it by prioritizing what’s more important. This helps my day feel less overwhelmed.

Make up Your Bed

Seriously, if you make up your bed every morning EMAIL, INBOX,DM me asap. I want to know what’s the inspiration behind doing this. I simply pulled my blanket back. THATS IT! I’m not fixing pillows, I’m not folding sheets, NONE OF THAT.