Do’s and Don’ts for Natural Hair

I’ve been natural for about six years now and I’m still trying to figure it out. When I first went natural it was actually unintentional but, I decided to stick to it. Since being on this journey I’ve learned some things I think we all can apply no matter the hair texture.

The Do’s

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Without a healthy scalp, it’s difficult to have healthy hair growth. You want to make sure that your scalp stays clean and free of build-up. Find a good, cleansing shampoo and lather up regularly! I strongly recommend natural products but its best to see what works for you.

Deep Condition Weekly

In the beginning of my natural hair journey I did this and was criticized which ultimately discouraged me therefore I decided to stop. Now I’m back to cleaning my hair weekly simply because the build up of products and medication on the scalp is not the best feeling. Keep it clean ladies.

Use all Natural Ingredients

Using all natural ingredients is very important especially if you plan to maintain your natural state. I wish someone would have explained this to me at the beginning of my journey but chileeeee we wont get into that. But seriously, get with a herbalist or do research and create your own natural shampoos, conditioners and oils.

Protect Your Hair At Night

Satin scarves and bonnets are your best friend! Let’s not forget pillowcases too. Not just any pillowcase but a silk one. Most pillowcases are usually made of cotton, which can cause dryness, breakage, and split ends. Protect your hair at night so that you don’t lose all of the moisture that you worked so hard to get.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized At All Times

This may sound weird but, I love when my hair is dry and bouncy. It’s not healthy therefore I only do it for a day or two. My hair produces so much oil on its own, but I still moisturize it with herbal hair oils. Besides locking in the moisture after wash day, you should always try to keep your hair moisturized throughout the week.

Trim Your Hair Regularly/When Necessary

I can’t stress this enough! If you have dead or damaged ends…LET THEM GO! I’m struggling with this now but I refuse to cut my hair shorter than what it is currently. I know I wont have a choice soon because I’ve slacked tremendously with taking care of my hair.

Just to be a little transparency! Look at how it started and how it’s going! Clearly I messed up somewhere!

Graduation May 2018
January 2019
December 2022

I’ll explain another time! But we’re now in February and my hair has grown tremendously.

The Don’ts

Use Heat Often

This is one of the biggest challenges I have with being natural. A silk press is screaming my name now. Most people love their natural curl pattern and will rock a fro with no problems. That’s not me, my hair has to be straight at all times. If not it’ll be in a top knot until I’m able to get a straightening comb to my scalp. My goal is to get it pressed once a month or once very two months. I’m struggling with protective hairstyles.. help a sister out!! That leads me to…..

Wear Too Many Tight Puffs Or Buns

I love to wear pineapple puffs and low ponytails, but wearing them too often or too tight can cause breakage around the edges or nape area. If you’re going to rock that slick top knot bun, be sure to let it loose after a day or two to keep that hairline intact.

Detangle While Your Hair is Dry

This is a huge NO NO! Does that not hurt. Or is it just me? My hair be that nappy? Chileeeeee(sips tea)

Neglect Your Hair

I’m guilty of this and this is one of the biggest mistake I have ever made. I know how hard it can be to keep up with your hair routine, especially if you’re busy all the time. I totally became dependent on sew-ins and was letting the wrong people into my head. Outside of the sew-ins I also didn’t maintained it as well as I should have. When I notice it was thinning I got discouraged and said forget it on top of the fact that I didn’t know what products did or did not for me. I wasn’t consistent with anything.

Get Discouraged

One key thing that I learned as a natural is that no one routine will work for everyone. There are some that still use Blue Magic grease and that works for them—and then there are others who refuse to use anything other than 100% natural products, and that’s OK too. I clean my scalp with Sulfer8 or Neutrogena, but oil my scalp with natural oils. It can be hard if you haven’t quite figured out what styles, routines, and products work for you. You may also experience growth stunts, damage, or unexpected hair changes but its all apart of the process.

Tell me below how your natural hair journey is going. What are your do’s and don’ts?