Why Millennials Wear Sneakers to Work

Since the pandemic, the workplace changed dramatically, and us millennials need versatility when it comes to being comfortable.

Millennials are known to do what we want, thats even in the work place. Generations before us would pick out outfits for their 9-5 at the top of the week. They would go as far as ironing their clothes and pairing each outfit with a pair of heels or flats.

Well, times have change. Not just for those that works in a creative sector but young professionals all across the board. Currently, I am employed at the largest newspaper publication in Birmingham,AL. I don’t put a lot of thought into my wardrobe because my ultimate goal is to be comfortable whether I’m in my office most of the day or out covering an event. Either way I look presentable in business casual slacks and top or blouse depending on the day, and finish my wardrobe with a pair of sneakers. If I really want to be comfortable I’ll throw a sweatshirt in there if not an entire sweat suite, again depending on the day.

Millennials are changing the rules.

We’re wearing sneakers! Not just any pair of sneakers, but nice sneakers!

Expensive and inexpensive.

We pay entirely too much for sneakers to not wear them for several reasons.

1. They’re comfortable

Ideally, the goal is to be comfortable but there’s a way to do it. Personally I try not to go for loud colors unless it’s Friday. My go to sneakers that comfortably blends with my casual wardrobe is my Yeezy 450 Gray. When I want some extra inches I’ll wear some Nike Air Max Furyosa or Balenciaga’s.

2. We need versatility

We want to express our style through our emotions. The only way to do that is to experiment a little ..ya know switch it up. I don’t know about other generations but, MILLENNIALS, we have been collecting sneakers since we were babies. Retro’s limited or unlimited we had them and are still collecting. Therefore we like to switch it up a little bit, well a lot. I switch it up from luxury sneakers to inexpensive sneakers but most importantly I try to maintain a business casual look in the most comfortable way as possible.

3. After work

We’re most likely headed to the nearest happy hour! We don’t have time to go home and change let alone change in the car. Therefore we’re already prepared to go from one bar to another. Most likely that’ll require a lot of walking downtown.


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