How Facials Can Improve Your Mental Health

Jeannie Joiner Owner of Drolboutique & Salon

In todays fast-paced world, it can be extremely difficult to set aside some time for yourself. However, it’s important to pamper yourself every now and then for both physical and mental health reasons.

Nothing will make your face feel more amazing than a facial. While many may think getting a facial is a luxury experience, its actually a necessity. Regular facials will keep your skin looking young, healthy, and fresh. Not only are they a great way to take care of your skin, but according to Jeannie Joiner, owner of Drolboutique & Salon, getting facials improves blood flow and reset from pressure points, helps to reproduce collagen, reduce stress, improves mood, and helps activate skin glow.

While getting a Deluxe Facial, during my visits with Jeannie, when soft music is playing in the background and the lights are low I find my heart beats slower, my mood is relaxed, and my brain is at peace helping me to think clearer. I can remember going months without a facial and my excuse would be not having time. Now, when I feel overwhelmed , in the middle of an assignment I’ll book a facial. I’ll even go as far as leaving work early for the service just because my mental health has become that important to me.

It is important to me that every client have a luxury experience at Drolboutique and Salon. I ensure this by keeping a clean, sanitary, relaxing, calm, and peaceful environment. -Jeannie Joiner

During a facial, every client can expect to be deep cleansed, exfoliated, steamed while wearing a masque, a serum treatment as needed, and a facial massage. Machines, chemicals, and extractions are added based on the current condition of the client’s skin.

In addition, Joiner takes several steps to ensure she cares for her client’s mental health while servicing them. For example, during consultations she ask questions like has anything new happened to you recently or has there been any changes since the last visit?

“This a great way to get clients talking. Sometimes information shared is related to skin care and sometimes the conversation is completely off topic. Regardless, I appreciate the conversations I have with my clients. I feel it is a teaching moment and therapy on both ends. We learn more about each other through communication. I feel it is a blessing to connect with people in a way that they are comfortable enough to speak on any aspect in their lives. Sometimes if the conversation gets personal. I say a quick prayer to myself asking God to feed me proper words to say. Being a vessel of love and positivity is a priority for me. After speaking with anyone it is important for me to have shared some words that can truly impact them in a good way.”

Although the average millennial woman may know to use a regimen of a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer with SPF, she should still visit an esthetician regularly.

Oily and acne prone skin types should get a facial at least twice a month. Normal, dry, or combination skin type can do monthly visits. -Jeannie Joiner

Ladies, your mental health matters. When you feel good within yourself your natural beauty shines through. While regular facials will keep your skin looking young, healthy, and fresh, the mental health benefits are just as important.

Are you ready to take deep breaths, inhale the aromas of essentials oils while you relax? Schedule some well-deserved me time to relax and improve your mood, anxiety level, and increase relaxation to ultimately reduce stress? Book a facial at Drolboutique located in Forestdale,AL.

March is Women’s History Month and while we encourage our readers to celebrate millennial women every day like we do, March is a time to really focus on appreciating the contributions of women cultivators and history makers, particularly in the Black community especially in Birmingham!