If he Loves You… Why is he Sleeping With Your Friend??

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“I see you and your bitch worked everything out. I hope yall be happy together.”

I got up and started to pace the room trying to play it cool but clearly my body language and face expressions said different.

“What the hell wrong with you? That 1800 kicked in?” Kyla laughed.

“Hell naw I’m finna kick a bitch face in.

“What the hell just happen?” Carrie asked.

“Look at this shit,” I held up my phone. Jade was first to grab my phone. She didn’t know the situation so she didn’t understand the issue at the time. She passed the phone around and it got to Carrie eventually.

“I’ve told you before to whoop this girl’s ass! She is trying you.”

“You right!”

“I mean who sits up and upload shit like this knowing he’s with you?” Is that even his child? Kyla asked.

“He told me he had a test done and that it’s not, but this bitch was just in my inbox saying that he was and asking me information about how she can put him on child support.”

“Oh hell naw something sounds fishy about that something is not right, Kyla replied”

I went over to the kitchen to fix me another shot. By the time I took it down Jade yelled, “This bitch is live on Facebook!” I damn near bust my ass running over to see what she was doing on live.

“Click it I want to see where she at!”

Whenever you watch someone’s live video it lets them know you’re watching. She saw my name pop up because it was only two other people watching and she began to laugh.

“Oh hey Brielle!” she chuckled. “Did you see my little family earlier?”

She and her friends began to laugh and make jokes. I decided I wasn’t going to comment I was just going to catch her slipping and beat her ass. But one particular voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t see their face clearly. As the video went on one of her friends got a phone call telling someone to meet them at the Teaser Strip Club.

“Did you hear that?” Kyla yelled.

“Sure damn did!” I replied heading to my room to put on sneakers and a hoodie.

The girls realized where I was headed and what I was doing so they began to put on their sneakers and ready for whatever gear too. We ran out of the house and hopped in Jade Trail Blazer. Jade was drunk as hell, swerving in lanes but that ride was funny as hell. We were talking so much shit and that reminded me to text Daniel again.

“Since you don’t want to reply to me that’s cool. I guess you will hear about this ass whooping Baby mama number one is about to get when I’m done. And by the way I’m pregnant by your bitch ass!”

Sure enough, two minutes later Daniel was blowing my phone up. I decided to ignore his ass just like he did me.  We finally pulled up to the Teaser Strip Club. It was so damn pack we had to park damn near a block away and walk. The line was so damn long I was hoping Stacey ugly ass was in it. As we walked towards the line I couldn’t help but notice a truck that looked like Dre’s. I stopped to make sure I wasn’t tripping. It was definitely Dre’s truck because the tag read DAB. I walked towards the truck noticing someone sitting in the driver seat and the window was cracked. The girls weren’t too far behind me. They stood near the curb waiting. I started tip toeing so that the rocks in the parking lot would get me caught. The closer I got to the truck I noticed Dre’s head was thrown back with his eyes close. Why the hell is he sleep out here? It’s too dangerous out here I thought to myself.

“Shit!” he moaned.

That through me off guard. I eased up to the truck only to notice a female head in his lap.


He looked up at me as if he saw a ghost. The female popped up and it was Eliza in shock wiping slob from her mouth.

“Eliza!” I said in shock.

“Baby this not what you think!” Dre said letting his window up. I started yanking on the door handle trying to get in. Dre locked his doors. I ran over to the passenger side hoping to get to Eliza. I was so mad I had to put my hands on somebody. I came for Stacey but I’ll get to her later. One of these motherfuckers is about to get it. There is no way in hell I’m gonna just leave and act like this didn’t happen.

“What the fuck is going on?” Carrie yelled as her and the girls ran over to me.

“This bitch in here sucking my man dick!”


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