Have a Story to Tell? Write It



Ever considered writing a book? Whether its a single life experience, childhood experience you should tell it especially if it can impact others.  Can you imagine making a name for yourself as an author and selling copies of your book to a large audience?That would be a great accomplishment.

There’s nothing easy about becoming an author but there are some who’s willing to help you on your publishing journey. Award Winning and 3x Best Selling Author, Tanisha D. Mackin , managed to publish bestselling, life-changing books and can offer you services to help you become a successful author as well.

Tanisha was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Life experiences led Tanisha to write several books and help others share their stories through writing by becoming a writing coach and publisher.She has published five books of her own and has published several books under the Author Tanisha D. Mackin, LLC imprint including working with 4x Grammy Award Winning and Reality Star Stevie J, Genise Shelton, actress Kim Coles and the legendary rapper Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia).

What inspired you to start writing?

I always loved to write since I was a child, but the loss of my husband started my career in writing.

What steps did you take?

When I write a new book, I start with my outline, then I write my entire book out, chapter by chapter.  After that, I type my book and start the editing process.  It is definitely a process.

Did you self-publish first?

No, I went through a small publishing company for my first book.

What made you start your publishing company?

After I wrote and published my second book, I started to receive calls and emails from people asking me to help them with their book.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to turn my passion into my paycheck.

When you became a bestselling author, what was your reaction?

I believed I cried…..LOL, but I was very excited.

There are several authors that are very successful but are not best sellers. What steps can they take to have that title?

They can definitely contact me.  That’s a service I offer, so I am unable to give step by step procedures.

What do you do different compared to other authors as it relates to marketing and promotion?

I don’t know what everyone else does as far as marketing, but I market and promote very hard to get my book in the hands of everyone, to encourage my readers.

What services do you offer to up and coming or already establish authors?

We offer coaching services, ghost writing, editing, graphic design, interior layout and formatting services, along with bestselling services.

Outside of writing books, you also write for other publications. Tell me more about that.

I’ve been a contributor writer for BOLD Favor magazine.  And right now, I am a Brand Ambassador for SwagHer Magazine and I write for them from time to time.

How can readers connect with you?

Facebook- Tanisha D. Mackin

Instagram – @AuthorTanishaMackinPublishing

Twitter – @TanishaMackin

Website – http://www.tanishamackin.com