Women in Business Under 30

For the past few decades women entrepreneurship has been developing and becoming extensive.

Female entrepreneurs are continuously growing and changing the world at a young age.

As a woman, what steps would you take to turn a good idea into a business that caters to women? Meet these young, successful, full of passion female entrepreneurs that took their brilliant ideas and ran with it, all before the age of 30.

Jasmine Anderson, CEO and Owner of Jaybelle’s, specializing in Eyelash Extensions and Makeup Artistry

My adoration for the cosmetic industry began just before my 18th birthday in 2013, where I took my talents in drawing and painting to a different canvas. My makeup brush connected me to a new aspiration; I wanted to use my services to give women more confidence in themselves! I found that women thrive in anything when they feel beautiful. Makeup unlocked a passion within me that wanted to continue finding more ways to aid women unleash their inner beauty.

Eyelash extenstion became a new outlet. This service is a minor, yet bold enhancement that promotes natural beauty for women who prefer not to wear makeup. Starting with the two services, I plan to change the way the world views makeup and cosmetic enhancements. My mission is to motivate, empower, and guide women toward a healthy lifestyle where they can be most comfortable in their own skin and feel most beautiful whether in their natural state or with cosmetic enhancements through services that cater to feminine care. Jaybelle’s will make history, alongside greats, to change the tone of Beauty in insecure women!

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Era’Nisha Kidd, CEO of NishaK Crochet
received_10215247680881378 NishaK Crochet, is all about confidence. This is the reason why I create custom crochet items for all sizes. We live in a world where if you’re not the “perfect” size, color, or shape you aren’t beautiful. God made us all unique. I love lifting people up and staying positive is always an daily initiative. These are a couple of examples of how I plan to make history with my brand. I hope with NishaK Crochet, you will pick something that YOU love, pick a color that’s outside your box, and JUST BE YOU, because YOU are beautiful!
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DeVynne Starks, Blogger,Publicist

In 2017, I realized that although the job that I was working was a blessing, it was only meant to be a part of my story for a season. I soon started a business blog called DeVynne Intervention for moms. That became a platform where I encouraged new mothers and educated them on how to start their journey as entrepreneurs in order to obtain freedom in all areas of life. The following year I created an LLC for my boutique marketing and public relations agency where I was able to hire people to work for me. I had been in the marketing industry for over five years and wanted to pour the same energy that I had dedicated to multi-million dollar corporations into my own brand.

In December of 2018 I graduated with my Masters all while growing two startup businesses. My overall mission is to empower women to be all that they can be. When I had my son, I became immediately selfless. What I had to learn was that I was not doing my son a disservice by chasing after my dreams. I didn’t think I’d have enough time, I didn’t think I’d have the finances to jump start my dreams, and I didn’t always have the motivation of those I considered to be friends. I had to learn how to pat my own self on the back, do my own research, find mentors in my field, and pray for strength. I feel that I’m making history with my brand by planting a seed in each woman that I inspire, and every business that I help to brand. This type of impact is what leads to legacy. Both businesses are bigger than myself, and they both help me give back to my community.