Sis….We all know that a breakup is one of the worst experiences ever. Especially if you loved him! Whether you saw it coming or not the agony is real. Just know that nothing can keep you from a happier future than a lingering relationship wound. It doesn’t really matter what the circumstances were, or who was right and who was wrong. The bottom line is that it hurts and that the pain is preventing you from moving forward. While time is the best healer, below I’ve came up with ways to help you during the process.

1. Take some time off of social media

Come completely off and definitely delete and block his a** on all platforms. You’re not interested in what he has going on and he cant be interested in you if he cheated… right??

2. Get some support from your friends

Stop being so secretive. Talk about it!!! Let it all out! Look for encouragement during the conversation.

3. Create a Vision Board

This will snap you back into reality. Instead of crying and thinking about what could have been, plan for the future. In other words imagine the good life without him.


You are now free to experience the pleasure of kissing a stranger. You can no longer rely on him to distract you from the person you know you need and want to become. You only lost something you never had. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. All that you lost was an idea you had about what one version of your future might have been. When you meet the right person, you will appreciate them more — because you know how much you suffered to get to that point.



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