It Is Not OK To Keep In Touch With Your Ex’s Family

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It’s obvious some families won’t give up their friendship just because your romance ended with your ex. The most common reason your ex and family wants to stay in contact probably because, over the course of the relationship, they’ve formed their own friendships and attachments.

If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, chances are you ended up spending some time with your partner’s family. Depending on how close to their family you became, you may have ended up bonding with them pretty hardcore. If things go south, could keeping in contact with them be OK? Are you required to cut the cord on them if you and your partner decide to go your separate ways?

When a new relationship is established, I think there should be boundaries set. Just imagine getting into a relationship with someone and their family still communicates with their ex. Would you like it?


Its even more disrespectful if the family and ex do the following:

Post and interact with the ex on social media

There shouldn’t be any comments or emojis left under post!

Don’t mention how much they miss each other!


Leave their pictures up on social media

I don’t care how long ago the picture was taken and uploaded.. when a new person is in the picture delete that shit! Please and Thank you! It’s just a memory for Facebook to remind you about( because they are good at that!)

Invite them to family gatherings 

I don’t care how close they were in the past.. they should not be invited to the family reunions, holiday gatherings, definitely not funerals.

Always bring them up at random times

Loook nobody has time for that! Save the memories for another time.

Compare the new relationship to the old one( with the ex)

If this ever happen to me I’ll flip the table full of food over…



The question is, why? Why after a breakup do families feel obligated to keep that line of communication open with your ex? Is there a good reason for them to retain a relationship with the someone whom you once were romantically involved with?

I think as long as a child or children are not involved ALL communication should stop!

Ladies will you continue to date someone who’s family cant let go of their ex? Has this ever made you uncomfortable? How would you communicate this situation with your new partner?


4 thoughts on “It Is Not OK To Keep In Touch With Your Ex’s Family

  1. It mostly be because the family or family member find the ex to be beneficial to them more while your no longer Involved With that individual ,so do to the circumstances they seems to open up more to the ex then what they would have prior to you guys dating . I call it a sense of security in which whatever motive set out to be fulfilled could now then be accomplished


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