Types of Love


How do I even begin this post being that I’ve never experienced real love lol! I guess I’ll start with why I am writing this. I think writing this post will allow me to be clear on the type of love that I want.

Love is perhaps one of a many words that can be defined in many different ways. Almost every individual defines love differently. For some, love is about friendship, caring, admiration, trust, while for others it is fun, frolic, a soulful connection and more. Clearly, with each couple comes a new perception of an ideal love relationship.

As most of us already know there are so many types of love. Below I’ll introduce you to a few that I’ve came across.

Eros Love

Eros is the Greek term for passionate, romantic or sexual love. Now Eros isn’t always a good thing, it can ruin a relationship or person. It is very dangerous and can very easily consume a person. It is only healthy when you’ve got it under control and it is between a partnership. This would usually occur when couples that are in the early stages of their relationship and have only been together for a few months or a couple of years….they seem so in love and so obsessed with each other.

Philia Love

Philia is brotherly or friendship love, it is shared goodwill. Relationships or friendships founded on goodwill can be associated with dependability, companionship and trust. Philia is much more valuable and cherish-able than Eros.

In a committed relationship, Eros and Philia feed into each other, forming a much deeper connection between yourself and the other person. Philia love presents itself when people share the same values and morals. It enables someone to be open with one another, because they feel comfortable and taken care of.

Ludus Love

Ludus is known as child-like love. It’s the flirtatious, butterflies in the stomach, exciting and playful type of love that focuses around flirting, teasing, dancing and having fun together. These usually don’t last long in my opinion.

Luda Love is very common now more than ever, focusing on having fun in the moment with no regard for what may happen in the future. And while that may be great at the time, it’s not great for building a long term relationship or family.

When I decide to give someone a chance I want a mixture of all the above when it comes to love.

I want to fall in love with my spouse over and over again everyday. I want a healthy, passionate, romantic, trusting, sexual, flirtatious, exciting and playful type love that will last forever. Being that I’ve never experienced love, I want my first time to sweep me off of my feet. Ideally, I want to be so in love and so obsessed with my significant other and I prefer he feels the same way. Most likely this is where the romantic and sexual part of our relationship would kick in. I want to be romantic in creative ways. I want to be creative with surprise gifts, dates, creating content for social media(if we choose to share) and most importantly creative with memories to share years later.

In a committed relationship there has to be deep connection formed between myself and the other person. I need to feel comfortable and know that I can trust you.

EVERY relationship needs some type of excitement! Without fun and excitement what do you have? I’m a silly fun goofy individual. I like to have fun in private and in public. There is no secret  or hiding when it comes to that type of love however, I want it to last forever and not just that moment. To some it may sound like a fairy tale.. to me its sound realistic.


Any-who……I hope that this blog on the types of love has been informative to you and has changed the way you look at your relationship or your future relationships! I want to encourage you to work on yourself and your relationship if you see where improvement fits. Feel free to leave any insights you have on how to build and keep a relationship strong below. We’d love to hear from you.