Trouble Keeps Finding Me

Beautiful African-American fashion model.


I can’t believe I let these bitches talk me into going to the club as if my face wasn’t just all over Facebook a few months ago for being a hoe and having an abortion. The girls and I decided to hit up this new spot downtown that’s been heavily advertised on social media. It was pretty cool and laid back but it was definitely getting pack quickly. After hitting the bar I spotted my best friend Jarrod. He obviously was home from school for the weekend. He actually reached out to me months ago to check on me and to make sure I didn’t need anything. I ignored him like I did everybody else. I just didn’t want any sympathy. I put myself in those situations therefore I had to deal with it alone and on my time. He was in VIP with some fine ass friends. Me and the girls made our way over to VIP. On my way I was stopped by someone grabbing my hand. I turned and realized it was Bjay. This motherfucker is still fine. Why did I have to have the brother?

“What’s up pretty lady?” he smiled with a mouth full of gold.

“You’re looking good as usual,” he couldn’t resist telling me biting his lips.

Although I tried to dress simple, he was right I was looking good. I wore my favorite pair of Balmain Distressed Jeans from Neiman Marcus, a cute comfy white v neck tucked into my jeans, a gold pair of Lace-Up Open Toe Stiletto Heels, and a red Gucci cross body purse with the gold symbol.

“Hey Bjay, how are you?” I replied dry.

“Damn you aint gotta be like that with me shawty. Whatever happen between you and my brother don’t have shit to do with me.”

“Oh ok well its good seeing you.”

I needed to end that conversation quick. I didn’t anybody see me talking to Dre’s brother. Before I know it another damn picture will be online. Now that I’ve seen BJay I hope Dre’s ass doesn’t pop up in here. They’re usually in the same place at the same time.

“You too baby girl be safe. If you need anything let me know.”

After talking to Bjay I made my way over to VIP with my girls. I was so excited to see Jarrod I didn’t know what to do with myself and the audacity of him to have his fine ass teammates with him tonight. I’m on drink number five so I’m for sure about to show my ass soon as the DJ turn up. Jarrod usually try’s to play the homeboy home girl role with me but tonight he was all over me in VIP. I don’t blame him I was looking good ass hell. After sipping a few more cups of vodka mixed with pineapple juice, me Carrie, Jade, and the rest of the girls in VIP had a twerk fest. Everybody was loose and wild. Jarrod couldn’t take his eyes off of me. The Dj Zeech, one of Birmingham’s top Dj’s dropped a classic, Juvenile Back That Ass Up. I gave Jarrod’s ass the business. I arched my back, bent over, and positioned my ass on his dick. I was shaking my ass to the beat and Jarrod was keeping up, wrapping his hands around my waist. I definitely felt his nature rise. That shit turned me on. I knew for sure he was turned on the way he stared in my eyes when I looked back at him.

The song ended and the Dj switch gears. I went over to my girls. We took down more drinks. I was so lit I ordered about five more rounds of shots.


The next morning, I woke up with a headache out of this world. I couldn’t even recall when and how I got home last night. Finally, able to get out of bed I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder that was about to explode and take care of my hygiene. Just when I reach for the door handle the door opened.

“What’s up lil baby?”

“Bjay what the hell you’re doing here?” I questioned him backing up.

“You and your girl were too fucked up last night I just wanted to make sure y’all got in safe.”

“Well we appreciate the ride home, we’re definitely safe, but you can leave now. Why you didn’t just drop us off last night. Nigga you clearly spent the night. Where the hell is your shirt?” I fussed to make it seem like I wasn’t feeling him knowing damn well he was looking good standing in front of me with no shirt on.

“I don’t sleep in shirts baby!”

“Sleeeeep?” I asked sounding like Soulja Boy.

“Please tell me we didn’t fuck!”

Bjay began to laugh and that pissed me off. This was some bullshit. I was just in a relationship with this man’s brother and now fucking him? How did I even allow myself to get this drunk and sleep with his ass. This nigga better not have slipped something in my drink I thought.


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