Guilty AF

Let’s just say society has made it normal for an individual to cheat or get cheated on! Discovering that someone was cheating on you is one of the hardest things that anyone has to go through… well it use to be! I think everybody is a straight savage now lol! Most individuals don’t care because they’re probably doing it too.

The feeling of betrayal is not something that can easily be cured, however these artists have created some bops that will help you survive this difficult time. Whether you’re looking for a song that will help you get all the anger you have out or you’re just looking for a good song to sing-along to, some of my favorite songs listed below may just help you get over your ex or be proud of the fact that you’re a cheater too!. Check out the lyrics while you’re at it!

Sevyn Streeter Guilty ft Chris Brown and ASAP FERG

We ain’t looking to hurt ’em (hurt ’em)
So good that we doing ’em dirty (dirty)
I won’t say no
I can’t say no, oh, oh
His calls, I’ve been ignoring (ignoring)
We up all night until the morning
I can’t say no, oh-whoa-oh

You gon’ get me caught up, love-drunk, fucked up over you
But we don’t feel guilty the more that we keep
Sneaking, creeping, leaving hotel rooms
Might just leave him alone, yeah, yeah, yeah

Rihanna Unfaithful

And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful
And it kills him inside
To know that I am happy with some other guy
I can see him dying

Trey Songz Smartphones

She picks up the phone
In my head I know I’m wrong
I just want to know what she’s heard
I’m pacing back and forth
‘Cause I know that I’ve been caught
Trying to think of the perfect wordsSo I can come to her and lie right to her face
I don’t know what I’m gonna say
But I know that I’m gonna say
Whatever it takes
I’mma run to her and lie right to her face
I don’t know what I’m gonna say
But I know that I’m gonna say
Whatever it takes

Ella Mai ft Chris Brown Watchamacallit

It ain’t cheating
It’s a whatchamacallit (Ooh, ow)
This could be our little secret
A whatchamacallit (Ooh)Girl, I know you got a man (Oh, woah)
He can’t make you lose it like I can
I can tell that you’ve been working (All night, all night)
‘Cause baby what he don’t know won’t hurt him (White lies, white lies)

Pleasure P Boyfriend #2

I’m boyfriend number two
‘Cause the first one he don’t really
Seem like he know what to do
I’m boyfriend number two
And I know you like it freaky
So I am gonna give it to you
I’m boyfriend number two, baby don’t fuss, don’t fight, don’t argue
‘Cause second place always got a whole lot to, prove
So whenever you get in the mood
(Just call me) I’m boyfriend number two

Chris Brown She ain’t You

Think I better let her go
Can’t leave you alone
Every day that I’m with her, all I want is you
I wanna leave but I’m afraid
That you don’t even feel the same
And now I realize that she ain’t you
(No, she ain’t you)
Whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh
She ain’t you, no she ain’t you

R.Kelly ft Usher Same Girl

We messing with the same girl, same girl
She’s the apple of my eye and my potential wife
Same girl, same girl
Man i just cant believe that we’ve been messing around with the same girl
Same girl, same girl
Thought she someone that i can trust
But she’s been doubling up with both of us
UK, man we’ve been messing with the same girl

Keysha Cole Trust and Believe

And I’m so over you
Go get lost
Boy who do you think that you are
Trust and believe me
You’re gonna need me
Trust and believe me
She’ll never be me
And I’m so over you
Go get lost
Boy I don’t know, who do you think that you are?

Mario Drowning

I never thought I’d be in between her legs
While I’m still thinking ’bout you
And I’m in too deep to pull out now
She’s suffering while I feel goodWhen I said we should stop
You didn’t wanna save me
Now my feet can’t touch the ground
I’m going down

Which one is your favorite? What should I add to the list?

Is cheating music good music lol?