Hit It and Quit It List?

Although it can be a tricky subject… at what point should you disclose your sexual history to your partner? Or should you?

Remember around the time I told y’all I Am Not Accepting Bae Applications? If you read it then you’ll remember I was actually dating at the time. Before he proposed he wanted to be exclusive he felt the need to tell me about his sexual encounters from his past. Although he was being completely honest in my head I was like damnnnnn he was getting passed around LOL.

I was so blown away I told a few friends about our conversation. Some felt it was necessary some felt it wasn’t. At the time I felt it was very necessary for him to disclose his former partners before we became exclusive for several reasons. Mainly because he and I attended the same schools growing up and went to the same clubs. Also after disclosing the information it was solely up to me if I wanted to move forward with being exclusive.

At the time I appreciated his honesty and of course we moved forward however, I felt like he violated the privacy of all of those young women. So would that be a red flag for you?

I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?