Signs You Might Be Demisexual

I am not sexually attracted to someone I don’t have an emotional bond with.

I think its time that I’d admit I’m a demisexual. A person who is demisexual experiences sexual attraction only when they feel a true emotional bond with another person.

Have you ever been out in public and see a fine a** attractive man? I mean he has the looks, nice body, moisture beard? Raise your hand if you ever said something like, “I’ll sit on his face, or ill get him pregnant, or maybe I’ll have all of his babies.” Yeah see that’s not me. It’s very rare you will hear something like that come from my mouth. I am not sexually attracted to anyone I don’t have an emotional bond with.

For most demisexuals, they would have to start talking to a person that would initially form an emotional connection. Overtime they may become sexually attracted to that person.

What attracts me!

Romantic attraction

Aesthetic attraction

Intellectual attraction

Sensual attraction

While demisexuals can definitely have happy and healthy romantic and sexual relationships it can be very difficult especially in this dating world. People aren’t interested in intentional dating. When you’re intentionally dating you’re dating with a purpose. Ultimately your goal is to date with hopes of getting into a relationship and prayerfully marriage will come out of it.

Now days people want to get straight to business. They either have sex the first night of meeting or within a couple of days. There’s no way I’m sleeping with someone I just met but to each is own I don’t judge people that prefer navigating through life that way. People who are demisexual may take longer to invite the sexual side of things into their relationships. This can be a major turn off for many people. I’ve been told I was weird for not wanting to have sex without a condom and I was immature for not performing oral during sex. Let’s keep in mind I barely knew this person and I definitely wasn’t attracted to him.

Signs You Might Be Demisexual

You’re not interested in having conversations about sex.

When in groups with my friends or when im dating a guy I HATE having sex related conversations. Simply because I can’t relate or I’m not interested. I’ve always been this way since high school. Most people have their first instance of sexual attraction in their preteen years. I can remember in middle school when most of the girls started to have sex. From that point on, sex became a topic of curiosity and interest for them, and they eventually look forward to pursuing it more. I would get pissed. Mainly because I wasn’t pursuing sex but even if I was what happen to keeping your business to yourself?

Your sexual relationships always start as friendships.

This is apart of getting to know someone and forming a true bond.

It takes you a while to warm up to the idea of sex with someone, even if you like them a lot.

Sex isn’t that important to you, particularly when you’re single. You may not think about sex much unless you are in a relationship. But I must say, when you’re single and trying to be patient and wait on love, that’s when you’re tested the most when it comes to sex. I know the feeling but I do recommend you to Date Until You Get it Right.