6 Self-Care Sunday Ideas

Many of us should be incorporating self-care in our routine daily. However some of us just don’t have the luxury of doing that. I’m not sure if its just me but these weeks seem to be lasting a lot longer than it suppose to. That’s why it’s important to carve out one day of your week and dedicate it solely to self-care ..and what better day than Sunday would be perfect for self-care?

I’ve yet to find an accurate definition for what self-care is. Besides I think its self explanatory. To me its simply anything that you do with intention to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Sunday is often the perfect day to do this as you have more time for yourself. You won’t be rushing through your self-care routine as you have no major tasks to handle anyway.

Ideally, you would take this one day of the week and dedicate it to your self-care in any and all ways.

Self-Care Sunday Tips

Spend Some Time By Yourself

Anybody that really knows me..knows that I’m a loner LOL. I am probably the biggest advocate of alone time. I think everyone can benefit from a few moments of alone time. It can recharge you and allow you to make room for some quiet contemplation, or a few moments of doing nothing at all. Alone time allows me to think and come up with creative ideas.

Sleep in a Little

I love a little extra sleep. It helps me feel reset, relaxed and refreshed. I’ll be honest… I don’t set my alarm …for what? I mean it’s Sunday, you don’t have any appointments or important duties besides church. Plan to get a little extra sleep, especially if your average day involves waking up early. Even just an extra half-hour can do wonders for your mentality the whole Sunday through.

Start Your Day With a Rejuvenating Bath

Ok first I hope you’re bathing daily. But Sundays should be a little different. Run some warm water and throw in your favorite skin cleansing bath salts. Get in and soak as long as you like. If you shower, grab a body scrub that smells so good and exfoliate your body. Remember.. exfoliating is a part of having a happy and healthy vajayjay.

Practice Skin Care

Now that you’re nice and fresh out of the bath tub, it’s time to spoil your skin a little more.

Grab your favorite fascial scrubs, skin creams, and exfoliators and treat yourself to a home facial. I try to go to my esthetician at least twice a month. If I don’t go that week prior to my self-care Sunday you better believe I’m using my products from Sephora to give myself the best at home facial there is.

Check out a New Series

There has to be some room for Netflix and chill, Tubi, Starz, or ALLBLK on a self-care Sunday, don’t you think? I love Harlem, a comedy series with Megan Good and Tyler Lepley on Amazon Prime. Also check out Run the World, another comedy series on Starz that I think you will love! Both of the shows are so relatable as it relates to young professional women navigating through life. It’s giving Sex in the City vibes but with black women. What are you binge watching on Sundays?

Journal Your Thoughts

I like to use this time to reflect on the last week. I also use this time to jot down my current thoughts. This leads me to……

Plan for the Week Ahead

I’ve been doing this lately and I’ll be honest I feel like I’ve mastered adulting. This is some next level stuff. I don’t go into my weeks just winging it. There’s literally some organization and motivation. Only if I could master preparing my clothes for the week on a Sunday.

What does Self-Care Look Like for You

Think about self-care activities that you enjoy, and that are realistic to achieve. Write down every idea that comes to mind until you have a substantial list of possibilities.

Next, determine how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your self-care Sunday routine. Ideally, you’ll have the entire day for self-care, but things do come up and that’s ok. Sometimes self-care involves being productive and doing things for others. At least you’re not clocking into someone’s job.

Finally, go through your list, find self-care options and routines that fit into your allotted self-care Sunday schedule. The more self-care Sundays you go through, the more perfect your next self-care Sunday will become.

What does self-care looks like for you? Share with us on below.


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