Single and Need Help Getting Through Valentine’s Day?

To many, being single on Valentine’s Day is a big deal especially if you’re you’re getting over a break-up, or stuck in a situationship, or battling seasonal depression.

Seeing couples shower each other with love on this day can be extremely difficult especially if you desire to be in a romantic relationship.

It’s only natural to wonder what exactly you’re supposed to do with yourself when you’re single on a holiday that’s all about being coupled up. The way I see it, you have two options just like me LOL. You can either ignore V-Day completely which would be hard, or you can use it as an excuse to celebrate you or the meaningful relationships you do have in your life.

For a little inspiration, here are some ways you can make the most of February 14 as the wonderfully single and sufficient person you are.

Take Yourself out on a Date

Yes, restaurants will be overwhelmingly packed but you’d be surprise at how many other singles are in attendance as well. At the end of the day, dating yourself can increase confidence, self-sufficiency, self-love, and better mental health.

Plan a Galentine’s Day

Grab some friends and shower each other with love and gifts. Celebrate your friendship, celebrate your accomplishments, and most importantly have real conversations about the future and what you would want in a spouse. Eat at a nice restaurant or cook some bomb ahh food at the house.

Go Shopping

As bad as you would have loved for someone to buy you nice gifts, go purchase something nice for yourself. Ladies, you have to be able to do these things for yourself before making it a requirement for your spouse. Don’t wait for someone else to give you something which you want or deserve. If there is something that would make your heart content, go ahead and do it for yourself.

Buy Yourself Flowers

While people around the world shower one another with gifts such as stuffed animals, chocolates it’s about the flowers which are “pretty much 90% of that day,” said Christopher Burson.

“Red roses have been a symbolization of Valentine’s Day (February 14) … Flowers have always just been a token of love.”

Christopher Burson, owner of Christopher Lauren, an Irondale-based floral company, where he offers set designs, interior decorating, and event planning. (Amarr Croskey, For The Birmingham Times)

Write yourself a Letter

Imagine what Valentine’s Day would look like to you in the future. How would you want the entire day to be? What will you do for your romantic partner? What would your ideal budget be? While this may sound crazy, there are so many of us that may be overwhelmed with emotions of being single on this romantic day but, some of us are single by choice. Myself and many other women are in our waiting season. We’re waiting on our husbands to come into our lives. Therefore we’re ok and we’re not ok with not being romanticized this year LOL.

Have a Spa Day

Use Valentine’s Day as a day to pamper yourself. Go and do something that feels good for you. If you aren’t into spas, do some yoga, or pilates.The point is to take some time for self-care because that is symbolic of love too. I plan to get a facial, a little exercise, a solo date at a fancy restaurant, and of course write myself a letter.

I hope this help some of my single ladies. If you are single, how do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day? Drop some suggestions below.