Ways to Celebrate Your Friends

I have one small regret in my life, and that’s not being celebrated for my success along the way. Maybe I just don’t have friends who’s into that. I strongly believe that’s why I’m always chasing the next thing instead of celebrating and embracing the journey that I’m on to success.

I’ve written and published multiple books, started my own businesses from the ground up, and planned and hosted events and obtained several degrees. Recently, I had to stop and reflect on my life, realizing that’s more than some people do in a lifetime and I’ve accomplished these things in the past five years. But nobody has ever celebrated me. Because of that, I’ve started to not share accomplishments and just keep going. Do I need better friends? Should I just focus on celebrating myself?

A lot of people fail to understand having real genuine friends is important. Friendships create a foundation through which we can develop social skills, advance our careers and romantic relationships, enjoy compassion and receive support. Research indicates that close friendships are associated with greater happiness, self-esteem and sense of purpose. But if you’re not celebrating one another does the rest really matter?

I’ve created a list of ways you can celebrate your friends accomplishments or holidays. Some people take their birthday very serious. You can celebrate big or small wins.

Surprise Them With a Gathering

While this can be very expensive or inexpensive do what’s best for your pockets. Secretly reach out to other friends and family members and let them know what you’re up to. You’d be surprise who would be willing to help. When planning a gathering be sure the Aesthetics is something to remember, great food, a cake gifts, dress code and never forget the Champaign to raise a toast. For the last two to three years events have transformed in a tremendous way with decor. Just imagine walking into a room with beautiful decor whether it has balloon arch’s, marquee letters, table decor, custom menus, you would be thrilled.

Let the World Know

Everybody is on social media. Why not let the world know what your bestie is up to. If it was me I’d beat my friend to posting unless they don’t want to make an announcement just yet. I think a simple blog post would make them feel loved and most importantly good about their accomplishment. Who wouldn’t want to be gloried for graduating from college, being accepted into a prestigious program, being elected for a board, a new job, launching a new business, becoming a fiancé, getting married or having a baby?

Purchase a Big Gift

If you’re a true friend, you will know what your friend likes from expensive or inexpensive. Create a list of things they want or have been asking for. Try your best to purchase a few of those things. Who wouldn’t want a cute designer bag, designer perfume, or a nice piece of jewelry. PUT THEM ON A BUILD-BOARD.

Book Something Big

Book a girls trip just a few hours away from where you live. Spend a weekend in another city exploring, shopping and eating. In addition, you can book a spa day in your hometown if you cant afford to leave town. Just allow them to relax and live in the moment while embracing their accomplishment.

Send Flowers

You’d be surprised at how many young women have never received flowers from anyone. Not from a parent, a romantic partner and they probably never purchased flowers for themself. Be the one to give them flowers while they are alive. A bouquet of roses, lilies, or orchids will make their day. Accompany the bouquet with a handwritten note saying how happy and proud you are and wish them more outstanding achievements.

These are some of the things that I see some friendship groups do on social media as well as on television. I would love this for myself as well as do it for others. One of my goals this year is to get out and build new relationships with like minded people. I’m trying to build my social circle by joining new and already established organizations within my city.

Also, while you’re celebrating your friend make sure the efforts are reciprocated. Be careful for those that will receive and not give in the same capacity.

What are some ways you plan to celebrate your friends moving forward?


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