Reasons Women Should Groom Their Eyebrows According to Birmingham’s PMU

Franquashia “Harley J” Griffin

Wanting the perfect arch, volume, or enhanced facial appearance can be complicated but, the journey to fuller brows does not have to be so complex. So many women are spending a good amount of time every morning making sure that their brows are perfectly groomed. I use to be one of those women, but a recent visit to the Correct Eye Q, owned by Franquashia “Harley J” Griffin in Birmingham, AL, cut my morning routine in half. The Permanent make-up(PMU) artist Instagram photos convinced me to get my brows tinted.

According to Griffin, you should get your brows tinted for several reasons.

If you’re struggling to get your shape right everyday.

Tweezing your brows daily can be harmful to your natural arch. In replace of powders and pomades sitting through a 10-15 minute brow tinting treatment will instantly improve your appearance. The fullness of the brows will last about 14-21 days.

Your eyebrows lack hair in certain areas.

Eyebrow tinting involves smoothing semi-permanent dye over your eyebrows to make them appear fuller and slightly darker than normal. If you have fair hair or your brows are a bit sparse, then tinting gives them some structure and body while filling those spots.

You plan to wear minimal to no makeup on a summer vacation.

Ladies, when we’re on vacation, indulging in adventurous activities, we do not want to put on makeup but a semi permanent brow will do the job. It still gives our face the enhancement it needs.

Your lifestyle comes with daily camera footage.

If you are an influencer or just a selfie gworl at heart, having your brows tinted is very convenient. That’s one less daily routine you don’t have to worry about.

You want to try something new for a change.

Sis, it’s 2023, why aren’t you incorporating grooming your brows along with everything else you do that’s considered self-care? Grooming your brows should become apart of your girly maintenance.

In addition to brow tinting, Griffin is an expert in microshading, a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves shading eyebrows by using an electronic tattoo device.

Are you looking to have full, bold, and perfectly shaped eyebrows click here to book a consultation at Correct Eye Q.

March is Women’s History Month and while we encourage our readers to celebrate millennial women every day like we do, March is a time to really focus on appreciating the contributions of women cultivators and history makers, particularly in the Black community especially in Birmingham!