It’s Time to Reset

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When was the last time you hit the “reset” button? If you didn’t do it yesterday why not press it today? Reset yourself, reset your life!

Every new beginning starts in a new szn. It’s time to accept what was and SPRING forward to what it should be. Whether it’s in your relationships, career or just your day to day life, plant the seeds, water them and show up for yourself.

Far too often we stay in the same place too long. That place can be an unfulfilling job, an unsatisfying relationship or simply the all too familiar way we can be unkind to ourselves and others.

The hardest yet simple part of any reset is beginning. Your mind has to be made up that you can and want to do it. It takes guts to choose change but a reset begins with believing in yourself.

Ultimately, a reset pays off with finding yourself, again.

Some of us are just coming out of seasonal affective disorder better known as SAD. But if I’m being honest so many women are still suffering with depression. Being that we are in a new season, time has change, its beautiful outside, I want to encourage you to push through.

Push through by simply resetting. Stand up for the woman you desire to be. Years ago, I set goals that I desperately wanted to accomplish. Of course these goals were related to my career as a writer. Well, after applying for several years to different agencies, I finally snagged a job at a publication in my city. I have to be honest, I love what I do but I don’t like my job. The environment is cringing but, what I do has ultimately kept me there. I get to meet amazing people and tell their stories and in doing that I am fulfilled. In addition to that, working this 9-5 ultimately made me revisit goals I set years ago. To be honest, because the job can be overwhelming, it took time away from goals that I wanted to accomplish.

Recently, I had a crisis that cause me to take a week off from work. I desperately needed a mental break. During that mental break, I realized I need to hit a reset button to become the woman I desire to be, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

My goal has always been to become the voice for millennial women and I’m back to doing just that. My next novel is complete, I’m creating more content specifically for you, and of course I have events on the way.

Hitting that reset button allowed me to sit back and reflect on how I wanted to show up for myself in all areas of my life. When I show up for me, I can show up better for you.

Our resets define who we are, and they shape who we will become in relationships, career, family, style, self-esteem and beyond.

A reset allows us the opportunity to make improvements in our daily life in any shape or form we choose, at any pace we desire. Just like flowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would!


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