My Boyfriend Since High School Has a Baby on The Way by Someone Else




Dear Readers of Nicole Sade’,

I met Irving, the love of my life in 2008 at a music festival near Downtown Birmingham. After meeting, we talked on the phone day and night laughing and joking as friends. That friendship soon turned into a relationship. Irving and I have been together since high school. He took me on my first date, we had our first kiss, he even took my virginity.

I’ve always imagined us getting married and becoming first-time parents together and living happily ever after, but life isn’t always a fairy-tale right?

Just a little over a month ago my worst nightmare came true. Irving cheated on me and is having a baby with another woman. Oh I forgot to mention she went to school with us as well. I found out through social media. He apparently made her mad so she decided to blast him on Facebook. There is no way I could miss a post that has his picture attached over 200 hundred comments and four hundred emojis within in 20 minutes after the post was made. Not to mention several people felt the need to tag me. I called and text Irving’s phone several times. Finally he texted me back nonchalantly and confirmed he had a baby on the way.

Having a child is something that’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life, yet he treated it like something totally unimportant. How could any soon-to-be-dad treat the arrival of a new life so lightly? How could you treat your girlfriend of ten years nonchalantly? However, he did text me “I’m sorry Amber!”

I reacted just the way any women should.


I love Irving. I love him with all of my heart. We have been through so much over the years and mistakes happen. This is not the first time he’s cheated but, this one hits a little different being that a baby is involved.  Because I love him I’m having mixed emotions. Should I stay? Should I leave? What if we decided to work things out and I became a stepmom? Would I end up raising a child that was conceived out of my own relationship’s infidelity? Because this child’s mother is having my boyfriends baby will she become more important than me? What if they end up in a romantic relationship? They’d already slept together and now that they were parenting a child together, what would stop them from getting sexual again? Is this something I could truly handle?


I can’t wrap my head around the reality of the situation. However, I think this is my cue to leave this toxic relationship where it is. I mean he embarrassed me! Everyone knows! I always found excuses to stay, but this should be the final straw. This is becoming a tough pill to swallow, but everything happens for a reason.

Readers I need your help what do you suggest I do?