Winter Date Ideas



Its the most romantic time of the year. Many of us complain about the cold weather but you definitely shouldn’t let the weather hinder your fun. It can be tempting to avoid the hassle of leaving the house, but on balmy days, an outdoor loving and fun experience is worth it. What makes a date special is a combination of what you do together and the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. Fall in love again with any of these fun winter date ideas. Grab your significant other and indulge in a winter date night.

Play board or card games

This is my absolute favorite. Snow or extremely cold days are best for board and card games. UNO is my favorite! No cheating!

Go indoor skydiving

 A fear of heights won’t stop you from trying this extreme sport. Float in a skydive simulation and feel just as exhilarated as jumping out of a plane. An experience like this is sure to make for a lasting memory.

See a movie

Dinner and a movie is maybe the most unoriginal idea ever, and yet, it has always proven to make a great date night. You can go to the movies or stay home and find a movie on Netflix and an unholy amount of popcorn.

Go indoor rock climbing or bouldering

 Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that does not require a harness, but both activities are better with a spotter. Let this date be the equivalent of a trust fall; you will need to communicate well and work together to ensure you both have a great time.

Go Christmas shopping

The holidays are approaching, head to the mall or your favorite boutiques for some Christmas shopping. You can use the outing to drop hints to your partner about what you really want for Christmas.

Drive around and check out the holiday lights

Head to the place that’s known for having beautiful lights in the winter and check them out. And if it’s a place that you can walk through, even better! Don’t forget to bring your homemade hot chocolate along with you to keep you warm.