My 2020 Bucket List





Wait…today is January 19th.. is it too late to create this years bucket list? I don’t think so… I think its time I create one and actually go by it. For these last few years I have not been living. Of course I’m alive lol. But what I mean is I’ve been so focus on getting business running pursuing my Juris Doctorate degree and so much more. I’ve accomplished so many great things and really juts haven’t taken the time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’VE BEEN STRICTLY ABOUT BUSINESS.. So now its time I create a bucket list and stick to it…. My list goes a little something like this…

  1. Take a Trip to Cancun…. I don’t know about you but I’m in need of a GIRLS TRIP! A real girls trip. I’ve been trying to get my close friends all in one setting since forever. Today I ran across a Girls Trip to Cancun on Instagram. When I saw it I immediately forwarded to my girls. They all seem to be down so it looks like we’re traveling to Cancun!!!!!!!
  2. Travel Every Two to Three Months Just to Relax….. Besides taking three to four big tips this year, my goal is to take trips every other month just to relax for a few days. It can simply be a drive to another city or state, check into a nice five star hotel and just relax. Its always needed when you’re constantly on the go. It gives you a piece of mind. It allows me to get away from distractions. Although I don’t plan on doing any work it’ll help my creative juices flow…. soooooo most likely ill be writing my ass off which is therapeutic for me.
  3. Learn How to Swim…. Ok so its funny how I plan to take all these trips and indulge in in so many fun activities and cant SWIM. For the last few years I’ve been wanting to learn how to swim but never really made time. About two years ago, I took swimming lessons that was suppose to last a week long but I only went one day lol. So learning how to swim is a must.
  4. Ride Horses… Riding horses seems so fun and romantic. Hopefully i’ll get boo’d up and we can go riding horses lol. Pray for me.
  5. Have an Intimate Brunch or Dinner with Close Friends to Celebrate One Another….As I stated earlier its so hard getting all of my friends in one setting. Funny thing is I am not the only one making major moves and accomplishing good shit. Some of them are doing the same. This year I want to form new friendships with loving and kind individuals with good intentions. My goal is to have an intimate brunch or dinner celebrating them and myself whether the accomplishments are big or small. Have you ever seen a group of friends on Instagram out at a fancy restaurant decorated all nice eating good food smiling and laughing taking bomb ass pictures? THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO.
  6. Go to an Amusement Park… Of course I’ve been to a few but its been so long. I’m way overdue. Maybe I’ll go to Six Flags or a park in another city.
  7. Attend at least 10 New Museums… I’m a huge fan of Museums. I’m always open to learning new things as it relates to history. I’ll pick up a book and read it if its interesting but to see a visual and go on a tour I’M ALL FOR IT!
  8. Grab Some Friends and Ride on the Birmingham Pedal Tours…. Doing this we will get to pedal around the city go to the best bars and drink while we travel. Who wouldn’t want to do that.
  9. Be an Audience Member of a TV Show…. So if you’re a close friend of mine you would know that being on a talk show is one of my goals. I’m way more talkative than people think I am. But to be in an audience during the taping of one of my favorite shows would be dope AF.
  10. Rock Climbing…. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’m going to make it happen. Pray for my knees y’all. And when I make it to the top lets hope I don’t look down and freak out!
  11. Climb a Mountain… I’m all for this.. I’ll complain the whole way up and most likely figure out who can pick me up in a vehicle and take me back down. 
  12. Read 20 Books…. This should be easy. I usually would read about two a week but      that’s only Urban Novels. By the way have your read No Room for Trust written by me? This year, besides reading Urban Novels, I plan to read other books of other      genres. What are you reading? Send me some books.
  13. Meet Michael B. Jordan…Look this man is fine fine okayyy. Its a must that I meet    him. I just want to have an intimate conversation with him get a hug and of course  a picture to brag about meeting him.