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Dating is very different than it was about 10 or 15 years ago. Thanks to the Internet and social media, it’s easier to get to know someone without actually knowing them — which can come in handy when you’re gearing up to go on a first date with someone new or maybe you’ve been on a date and you’re still getting to know them. If you’re the type who has a habit of researching people you’re considering dating, you’re far from alone. Lets be clear things get confusing and you get to clarify it by simply doing RESEARCH.

Every time I meet someone new social media becomes my best friend when it comes to getting to know a guy. I never wait for information to come to me I go and find it.

Here are tips on how I use the internet and social media to do research on men I’m getting to know.

I search Facebook.. If you have the individuals full name you’re on the right track. Start by searching their full name and look for picture. Nowadays people are not using their full name. Its common to see a first name and the middle name. Lately I’ve been seeing people use their first initial and their last name. It really depends on the person and their profession. Also when you search them and their profile comes up don’t be so quick to click their profile. Scroll down a little, sometimes you will see their recent post as well as post they’ve recently been tagged in. You may just find out you all have mutual friends.

Instagram.. Instagram can be a little tricky compared to Facebook. With Instagram their handles could be simple or weird being that most people use the platform as a social tool and not so much as a business tool. Nevertheless, when I find their profile I look for tagged post, I scrolled all the way down and go through all of their pics and look in  the comments. Sounds crazy but it helps. I also search hashtags depending on who they are.

Recently I was approached by a professional athlete. I searched him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram I searched his name for hashtags and babbbbbbbbbbyyyy he pissed his ex girlfriend off.

Me being who I am I asked him about it the next time I saw him. But first and foremost I was able to see his community efforts as well.

Now if you’re smart you will know social media isn’t always accurate. Its easy for people to post the good and not the bad. So that’s when you go the extra mile and do background checks. I’ve went as far as searching criminal records. Yesssss I need to know whether or not you have warrants, been to prison, a possible murderer and all the above. Again some people are not that open in the beginning so you have to go digging yourself. Who’s to say they haven’t searched you.

So the next time you’re about to meet someone new, don’t be ashamed to look them up and gather as much info as you feel you need — just remember that you’ll get a much better sense of who someone is.


Sidenote- I wish there was a platform to leave reviews about people you’ve recently dated. Just to give the next person a heads up!  Me personally, I wish I could leave a review about some of the people I’ve met in the past. I strongly believe the next women should know what she’s getting herself into. She should know whether or not the guy is a gentlemen, if she needs her own money if he invites her out lol, hows his conversations, if he’s crazy and all the above.


Do you do research on someone you’re dating? Tell us below. What tips do you use?

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