Celebrate Your Wins

Have you ever noticed how the minute you accomplish one thing, you’re already looking for the next thing to do? We have to stop that! What happen to celebrating? It’s so easy to forget to stop and take a moment to celebrate your wins. We live in a society where constantly achieving the next thing is more important than what we’ve already accomplished. We’re always moving, pushing forward onto our next goal, our next win, and the next thing on our list.

You’ve probably grew up with a lot of your accomplishments downplayed or looked over. Because of that you never really felt like anything you’ve done is worth celebrating. I struggle with this too. I’m always like what’s next nobody cares about that!

In my opinion, life should be filled with joyful moments and excitement. Therefore, as human beings we all deserve to be acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated. Don’t get me wrong but life can get busy for most of us as we juggle responsibilities and spend much of our time nurturing certain things and other people. It is important that we each find the time to celebrate who we are, to honor ourselves for our efforts and triumphs. Celebrating any achievement, large or small, gives your life and your work meaning. Without meaning, there’s no motivation or reason for doing something.

Celebrating your wins is important because it helps with:


Thinking positive

Building momentum

Attracting more success

How you view the world

How you view yourself

No matter how big or small the wins may be… we deserve to be celebrated!

Here are some ways to celebrate yourself!

Gather a Group of Friends for a Celebration

Get a group of friends together to celebrate each other and your friendship. Don’t make this just about you… celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. Toast to the importance of wonderful relationships and great accomplishments.

Give Yourself a Social Media Shout Out

Yes celebrate with your social media family! Hop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and write a post. Make a short or lengthy post not only to brag but to celebrate YOURSELF. You’d be surprised at how many people will join you for a celebration via social media. Your social media circle will love that you are feeling happy about your accomplishments. It may encourage someone to do the same.

Take a Break

Take a stay-cation, bae-cation(if you have a bae) or a vacation that includes lots of the activities that you love to do. If you love reading find a beautiful location and catch up on articles on your favorite blog or read a book in your favorite genre. If you love eating delicious foods, indulge in going out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Take some time out to avoid feeling burned out. When it comes to accomplishing goals you’re constantly on the go. Use this time to breathe.

Write a Letter to Yourself

Write a letter to yourself expressing gratitude. In that letter create a list of all of your accomplishments. This is something I’ve tried recently and it allowed me to realize all that I’ve accomplished recently was on my list of accomplishments for years from now. I’ve been so caught up on being busy and working towards the next big thing most of my accomplishmnets I’ve yet to really recognize.

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