Let Him Chase You!

Ladies when did it become ok for us to chase men? Lets take several steps back and let them do the chasing. Men have become too comfortable with reaping the benefits of all of our hard work. After all of our effort… what’s left for them to do? If you chase him in the beginning you’ll most likely have to chase him during the course of your entire relationship. If you want a guy to chase you try these amazing tips.

Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get could be pointless, but it’s really not. In order for it to work it has to be done correctly. It can give the relationship a a little extra excitement. Try limiting your availability, give physical contact but limit affection and go without sex. The catch with them is…they will soon lose interest in you if you show them that you are easy to access. But if you play hard to get, especially at the beginning, he will most likely value you more. To me it’s a little finesse type thing.

Stop Chasing Him

If you want a guy to chase you, why would you chase him? No man will chase someone whom he can have whenever he wants. It simply won’t be interesting to him to chase a female who is willing to give her all in to a relationship right away. He will probably choose someone who plays hard to get and he will pursue them aggressively.

When he sees that you are willing to allow him to chase, he will make more effort to win you over. It is a simple trick but it always works. It worked for me recently.. remember in my last post I Am Not Accepting Bae Applications! My Career Comes Before Love I mentioned I tried dating and the guy had me head over hills? Well he chased me.. he did a damn good job at it too. I felt like a priority and made him one.

Don’t Have Sex Right Away

Although its very common these days the worst thing that you could do is to have sex with the man on a first date. If he gets what he wants on the first date is there a need for a second one? He will totally lose interest over you or you will be used just for that… SEX.. So, if you want to make a guy chase you, just tell him that you’re still not ready to go further but you prefer get to know him more. AGAIN he won’t give up on you so easily. He will go an extra mile to win you over and honestly it’ll be hard for him to let you go easily.

Make Your Happiness a Priority

Real men likes to see women happy. Although we are making them chase us lets not forget to focus on our happiness. If you show him that you are happy with the way your life is going and the people that you have in it, he will soon understand that you don’t need a man to complete you. For some men its a turn on. Guys have more respect for girls who have their own lives and who are happy with themselves.

Remind Him About Your Options

NEVER STICK TO ONE MAN! There is nothing wrong with making him think has some heavy competition and that you have other options. Make sure that he sees that he is not the only man in your life and that he has to fight for you if he wants to call you his girlfriend.

Have a Sense of Humor

Most men comes off as uptight and unapproachable but the amazing part is they’re just as silly as we are. Men like women with a sense of humor because a life with them is always more fun. When you are in his company, try to talk about fun things and don’t mention your problems. I love to bring up classical comedy movies. It allows me to understand his sense of humor and the types of movies he like. In that way, you’re not allowing him to be uptight and he can relax. At times, try talking about good things that you both have in common. Soon you’ll realize how you both are relatable.

Ignore Him to Get His Attention

This is probably my favorite one. If a man is really into you and you decide to not pick up the phone or reply to his text messages… he’s gonna go bananas. This is one of the oldest tips to make a guy chase you. If you show him that you are not interested in him and that you are probably thinking about another man or something else has your attention, he will want to commit to you and you only. It fucks with his ego and confuses him because all the other women want him and you are the only one who doesn’t give a damn about him. That will drive him crazy and he will do anything so you could pay attention to him.

Build a Life He Wants to be Apart of

Take it from me…a very good way to make a guy chase you is to work on yourself. If he sees that you have a great life, he will surely want’s to be a part of it. Not to take from it but to add more value to it and himself. He will immediately want to chase you because you are a real catch sis. Allow him to see that you are surrounded with high-quality people who’s intelligent and successful. In my opinion, he will see that you are cautious with who you let into your life.

Show Him That You Don’t Need a Man to Complete You

If you show him that you are doing perfectly well on your own and life’s good on your end and that you actually don’t need a man, he’s gonna want to pursue you..He will pursue you just because he is not of high importance to you, and he will do his best to become the most important man in your life. He will want you to be by his side at all times. He is aware of the fact that it is very difficult to find a good woman nowadays, so he will go the extra mile just to prove you that he is a good catch as well because you are indeed one too.

Have you found yourself chasing a man lately? After reading this post are you willing to continue to chase him or make him do the chasing?… tell us your thoughts.

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