She Didn’t Steal Him From You

Ladies there is no such thing as Ms.Steal your man. If your ex has left you for someone else, I’m almost positive that felt like a slap in the face.

Yes there are women who wants a good looking man who can provide, protect and a whole lot more. One of the main requirements now is that some women prefer that he’s already TAKEN. If your partner leaves you for someone else it’ll be easy to blame the person he cheated with.

It is impossible to fully blame the other women. He is not a piece of property that can be taken from you or purchased. At the end of the day either that man will be faithful to you or he’s on to the next chick. She may just be showing him a different type of LOVE that you’re not showing him.

Whether she send nudes, freaky text it doesn’t matter! It’s solely up to YOUR man to ignore the energy he is receiving from HER if he’s happy with you!

He would take simple steps like blocking her and most importantly put her in her place and tell her it is disrespectful and unacceptable. Always remember it takes two people to be in an entanglement, therefore all of the hate shouldn’t be towards one person. It’s never just one persons fault. Cheating is not an accident.. it’s purposely done.

So with that being said…before you go knocking on your ex’s doors and asking for another chance or even trying to figure out why he left, you need to collect your thoughts and remind yourself that your ex chose to leave for someone else.

He left due to something he wasn’t receiving with you and won’t come back at least until his new relationship fails. But are you willing to be on standby if he comes back? Just imagine if your ex breaks your heart again and leaves the second time.

When your ex left you for someone else, he no longer loved you.

Your ex felt more attracted to someone else and decided to give it a shot with that person. He basically wanted to be in a relationship with someone else so badly that he couldn’t even end your relationship the right and respectful way.

Ultimately your ex didn’t have it in him to do the right thing. He could have easily pulled back when he felt that he was starting to develop feelings for someone else.
You need to know that your ex has basically emotionally checked out of your relationship and checked in with the new one.

People will always show you what they think about you.

You don’t need to hear them speak to figure out their true intentions. If you were a nice and genuine person that lived to contribute to your ex’s happiness, chances are that your ex will come back around. I say let the new boo handle all of that. Now it’s time for you to find something new too!

Have you experienced your partner leaving you for someone else? Why do women feel comfortable with saying their partner was taken away from them?