Reasons You Need a Girls Trip

As students, entrepreneur’s, mamas, wives etc. life can become extremely busy. When that happens I’ll be honest, I am quick to say, “ I need a drink or two or three…better yet just give me a whole bottle.” Recently , I had a long conversation with a close friend and she said something similar to the phrase I stated. We both agreed now is the time to put life behind us and plan a girls trip for several reasons.

Surround Yourself With Different People

A girls trip will allow you to be surrounded by different personalities. To make this a memorable trip… I suggest you invite your close friends and have them to invite a few friends. Think about who lifts you up? Who encourages you? Who supports you? Basically who brings GOOD A** VIBES? That’s who you need on this trip. All of these will bring a sense of connection. You’ll be able to chat about whatever you want, get new perspectives, and be vulnerable.

Relax and Reconnect

This would be the perfect time to incorporate a Spa Day in your trip. Get facials, massages, vaginal steams, sip some wine and take DEEP BREATHS. If you so happen to invite an old friend that you may need to rebuild a social connection with… use that time wisely. Here are ways I’ve revisited friendships that were at a halt.

Treat Yourself

For a three day trip I pack as if I’ll be gone for two weeks. If you’re anything like me you’re most likely gonna go shopping for the trip. I need an airport outfit, after check-in outfit and the list goes on. And of course I’m gonna splurge while on the trip… isn’t that what the trip is for?

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Make it a priority to be adventurous on these trips. Try something new and challenging. Can you believe I can’t swim? Well my friends can’t either. LOL I can’t wait until our next trip….. Those girls better be ready… I have something fun planned.

Take Kick A** Photos

This is the perfect time to take photos, create dope content, and post so everybody can live through your images. Be sure to pack cute outfits and pick a cute scenery….. don’t forget the angles.

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