Things to Quit NOW

Is it just me or has 2021 been on and off shitty for you too? While we are almost seven months in the year, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to QUIT and do differently the rest of the year… my life! I want you to join me and take a different approach to life and QUIT doing things that’s not serving you well.

TYRING TO PLEASE EVERYONE It’s impossible to please every individual you come across. What flows, flows what crashes, crashes.. GOD got it!

LIVING IN THE PAST It’s eggggggzactly what it is.. THE PAST… let it go. Learn from it and move forward.

OVERTHINKING Having self-awareness is key to changing your mindset. The next time you find yourself continuously running things over in your mind, take note of how it affects your mood. Do you feel irritated, nervous, or guilty? What’s the primary emotion behind your thoughts? When I’m overthinking something I go over board and come up with assumptions lol depending on what the situation is. I’m learning to go for a walk just to calm myself, thoughts and actions.

SACRIFICING YOUR HAPPINESS FOR OTHERS “You can be happy while making sacrifices for others.. but never sacrifice your happiness.”

NOT SETTLING OR STICKING TO BOUNDARIES If you don’t set healthy boundaries, you are likely to constantly be at the mercies of others. This means you allow others to tell you how to think, act, and feel. It also means you tend to spend your time and energy doing what others want you to do over what you deep down want to do. In the long term this can lead to frustration and depression because you will feel unfulfilled or lost. At its worse, not setting boundaries allow others to do things to you that are upsetting or even harmful. This is something I’ve struggle with this last year. But I’ve learn since setting boundaries the better my love life has become!

PUTTING OFF LIVING LIFE Let’s face it, in 2020 we all realized how short life can be. It’s time for us to start experiencing life to the fullest. When you are trying to live life with money as the measure, you will never have enough. You will put off doing the things you could do right now in hopes that someday you have more available to enjoy life. Live it today! Take a Girls Trip!

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  1. This is a great book it has all the things and more that I need to focus on. It helps me realize a little bit more about sacrifices.

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