Brunching With Bosses

Ladies…’s time to become more social and hang around likeminded women. Last weekend, I found myself having brunch with six Boss A** women that consist of being authors, bloggers, photographers, film writer, teachers, hairstylist and more from Birmingham,AL. During our time at brunch we had amazing conversations, exchange products, gave advice and most importantly ate good food and washed it down with Strawberry Mimosas and water LOL!

If you’re looking to plan a successful brunch with some Boss Women I’ve created a to-do list to help you.

Who to invite? This should be easy however you have to be strategic. For a Boss Brunch, I would assume you would want to be surrounded by bosses right? Invite your boss friends and go out on a limb and make a social media post calling out all the female bosses! Whether you know it or not women loves to brunch.

What’s the plan? After you have an idea as to who’s joining you… SET THE DATE and start planning based on your party size. There were about 10-12 women that agreed to attend brunch therefore, Kennedy Wynn, owner of Kween Kay Snapped and founder of A Bunch of Bosses decided we should all go to Another Broken Egg located in Mountain Brook, AL. Most of us had already eaten there before therefore we knew the food and drinks would be the bomb!

What to wear? Now for a brunch you have to step sis! LOL but seriously it’s ok to be comfortable but still cute. Get together and figure out what the majority would like to wear. I like to pick colors.

Relax,have fun and be you! Enjoy the moment, chat, exchange valuable information and eat up!

Capture the moment! If you have the budget hire a photographer. If not go crazy with that smart phone sis! Capture as much as possible. Individual and group photos! I mean you do want to share on social media right? It’ll make other bosses wish they were there.

If you’re in the Birmingham area and would love to Brunch with Bosses comment below!

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