Lying During Sex

Before we get started I have a quick question… why the heck do you want to read a list of lies men and women tell during LOL? Yep! You’re either a liar or somebody lied to you! But seriously in intimate settings most people enjoy having conversations during sexual encounters. I’ve talked to both my male and female friends and below are a list of lies I’ve compiled.


“This D*** Belongs To You”

“I Can’t Feel It With This Condom On”

“This the Best P**** I’ve Ever Had”

“You’re About to Have My Babies”

“You Give the Best Head Ever”

“I Can F*** You All Night”

“You Taste So Good”

“I Won’t Hurt You No More”

“Ima Marry You”

“This Pussy So Wet .. I’m About to Cum”


“This Your P****”

“You’re in My Stomach”

“It’s Too Big”

“You’re tryna F*** Me Crazy”

“I’m Cumming!”

Now which one of these lies can you relate to if not all? Or which one have you told during sex? Comment below we want to hear from you!

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