Who Cares about the Girl Code?

Surrounding yourself with real, loyal and honest people is imperative to maintain a healthy friendship. Every girl who has had a close girl friend or group of close girl friends knows there are some things loyal friends just do not do! BREAK THE GIRL CODE!

Before writing this post I ask a few people as well as went to my social media to ask specifically what is the girl code and ways it can be broken. I didn’t get a straight forward answer lol, BUT I did learn that most females try to pull the GIRL CODE only when it applies to them and their situation.

According to Gentwenty, the girl code is the unwritten and often unspoken set of rules/ethics that exist between a girl and her best friends. Simply stated, girl code are the commandments that outline the DO’s and DON’T’s of a good friendship.

There are hundreds of girl codes rules that you shouldn’t break but can we talk about the ones that really just don’t count? For instance….

Sis… if you and I attended the same school and never been friends … I can talk to or date your ex… hell you can have mine if you’d like.

If a guy inboxed you before or may have gotten your number and nothing came out of it your homegirl can for sure engage with him.

Posting pictures on social media that your friend(s) does not approve of is definitely breaking the code! If you like how you came out on the picture, you can always crop them out but don’t force them to go through the embarrassment or discomfort. You wouldn’t want the same thing done to you. So just crop them out!

I am so for ditching your friends for a guy! Lol .. let’s be real we all have done it and will do it again. I don’t see anything wrong with spending time with your man instead of your friends! Just don’t make it an all the time thing.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing your friend some alone time after they’ve been through a traumatic experience. Kissing ass isn’t always the solution.

Dating a sibling does not require permission.

It is ok to disagree with your friend. Yes we’re supposed to be loyal but with loyalty comes honesty. You don’t have to always take her side especially when she’s wrong.

Speak Up If You’re Concerned About Your Friend’s New Friend’s Intentions

Even if You Don’t Agree With Your Best Friend’s Relationship, Stand By Her. Hold your tongue until it’s time to bust his windows, flat his tires… ya know….. ratchet shit

If you’re not a rider when needed.. that’s ok too maybe you can’t afford to catch a case lol that’s not breaking the code.

Me personally I think we should re-brand and come up with new Do’s and Don’ts for the girl code. We’re in the 21st Century and honestly females aren’t sticking to the code especially when it comes to dealing with males.