Can You Trust a Man Without Social Media?

It’s hard to believe in 2021 men aren’t social media savvy. Men that don’t have a social media presence is a red flag for me. When I first meet a person I go to stalk their social media just to see who I’m dealing with. That’s why I strongly encourage doing your own research! Social media usually tells it all. You’ll usually find out about his current or last relationship, who is his close friends and family, the most recent places he has traveled to and so much more. A man not having social media leaves me to believe they don’t use social media for several reasons.

He’s hiding the REAL HIM

He’s on the run (criminal investigation or child support)

He doesn’t want to be connected with friends and family via social media

He’s a player! He has several women (not having social can cover his tracks)

He does not feel the need to post his every move

He’s not camera friendly( some men just don’t take good pictures)

He don’t need validation from the world

He does not have a business! ( myself and many others could do without social media if we didn’t have a business)

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