Men Get Passed Around Too

Ideally, I created this website for young women. However a lot of young men have been emailing and inboxing me their opinions on some of the post that I’ve published recently. Soooooo now that I have your attention…. Sit down let’s talk LOL!

It’s easy to say women don’t have standards but the reality is men don’t either. Lets normalize and set the same standards we have for women, for men. Recently, I was hanging out with a guy friend and he was spilling alll of the tea about all of the females he had sex with. After about 50 females I lost count. Some of them were in the same friend group.

Most women would immediately judge those females but I didnt. Just like he was bragging about his resume I’m sure they were doing the same. Although he was bragging that’s when I realized he was being passed around.

If we have multiple partners we’re labeled as whores sluts and so much more but, men actually get praised for it.

So my question is why is it ok for men to get passed around but not women? Yes I said passed around…. If you think about it that’s exactly whats going on. Men get passed around for several reasons.

1. There are some women that can have sex with a man and not get emotionally attached. She literally just wanted a nut. Now that she has gotten it…She’s on to the next man LOL. She probably texted you two to three days max! Probably don’t know your full name. But she got what she wanted.

2. Just like men women go through friend groups without remorse. Men get applauded for sleeping with multiple females that are friends but sometimes they are all aware of what’s going on. That leads me to number three.

3. Word of mouth..there are rumors and speculations about what you’re capable of doing in bed… and sis just want the experience. She wants to know what the hype is about. That’s all ..nothing major lol. And when she gets it she can join in on the conversation when your name is brought up.

4. Size Matters…. To be honest it’s not A LOT of men out here with a nice size manhood let alone a man that knows how to work with what he has. There was a study done years ago and it was found that the ideal length was 6.3 inches. It’s not necessarily easy to come a across a man with 9-10 inches and when she does…. LOL she’s using you for just that …your size!

5. Unfaithful Women… at this point you’re either a side or a slide. A female can be in a committed relationship and her dude can be holding EVERYTHING down BUT, every now and then she wants test the waters here and there and elsewhere.

6. You’re not cute but, you’re good for one thing therefore ain’t nobody claiming you as a body. One thing about women we will lie about our body counts especially if you were just a one time thing or and occasional thing…otherwise just like Meg said “it never happen if the d*** wasn’t snapping”

So now that I’ve given you a few reasons on why men get passed around isn’t it similar to why women get passed around? The only difference is men get praised for it. That’s considered living life and having fun for men but why can’t women have the same privilege?

There’s a lot of women out here that’s LIVING and having fun. So instead of being whores sluts etc can women just be considered experienced? If not let’s normalize men are getting passed around too! He’s for the streets!

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