6 Ways to be Intimate Without Having Sex

Intimacy goes beyond sexual intercourse—it is not just sex. Intimacy is about closeness, being together and creating and maintaining a real relationship. In my opinion, it is an important part of any relationship, with or without sexual intercourse. In my mind it also a great teaser while keeping each other waiting. Here are some suggestions as to how the two of you can maintain intimacy without intercourse:


Skip having sex and just cuddle. This is cuddle weather. Put on a good movie, curl up and just chill in each other’s arms. Listen to heart beats and look closely in the eyes.

Look your partner in the eyes and verbally affirm one of their good qualities

When was the last time someone said pleasant words to you and it made your day? Just like we say affirmations for ourselves daily, our partners need it too. Speak life into them. Make them feel it in their soul.

Give each other massages

Instead of going to a professional, give each other massages instead. Isn’t it better to have that man or woman rub all the tension out of your neck and back? I recommend no clothes but remember no sexual intercourse. This is just for intimacy.

Touch and tease each other

Often times, we don’t do much touching unless we want sex. That has to stop. Make it a priority to touch on your partner everyday. Whether its kissing, hugging, stroking cheeks, even running your fingers through his hair. Make them feel wanted.

Give a small surprise gift that you’re sure will delight your partner

This is one of my favorites! Little do most people know, receiving gifts is one of the five love languages. Take some time and observe your partner. Pay attention to details. Most of the time, a sweet little inexpensive gift will do. Think about your partner while you’re out shopping for yourself.

Pray for and with each other

Whewwwww!!! I cant wait to have a praying man that can take me and US before God daily. All you need is 30 seconds a day to stop and say a prayer together or for each other. Make your prayers specific. Doing this alone will definitely have a meaningful impact on your relationship.