Ways to Cope After a Breakup

Breakup grief can have severe impacts on someone’s mental health and daily functioning. Grieving a romantic breakup is an important process for people to go through, even though this type of grief is not commonly discussed.

I would like to say, grief is a process an individual can use to reflect, grow, and move forward from an event especially if the breakup is hard for you to get through. Understand that there are phases and and you cant put a time limit on the process of healing.

So many people identify a breakup as one of the most significant non-death related losses they have ever experienced. That’s why it’s important that you understand that this process is normal and you should properly heal. Not only should you heal but, I recommend you join a community of women that can help you through this temporary feeling. There’s no one way to cope. The process is different for everyone.

Here are some tips with dealing with grief after a breakup.

Leave Your Ex Alone

Leaving that person alone is crucial. How can you heal from something that you’re still leaving the door open to for reconciliation? Unfollow them on all social media platforms, better yet BLOCK them. They don’t need to know what’s going on with you and you shouldn’t care about what’s going on with them. Also tell your friends and family about the break when you’re up to being transparent. This will keep them from engaging with that person and hoping to see you two together.

Practice Self-Care

Use this time to focus on you and your personal needs. This will also provide the space and time to heal. This will help you process your emotions. Although self-care may be different for each person, it can include physical activities, asking for help and support from others, resting, relaxing, or participating in enjoyable activities that rejuvenate you.

Focus on Self-Growth

Change can be an opportunity to re-evaluate your life, identify what has been missing, and create a more value-driven, meaningful life.


Be honest and open about what happened in the relationship and how it made you feel then and now. Reflection provides the space for people to learn and grow from their mistakes. This can be challenging, but it can provide insight into what you may need from future relationships–such as your particular needs, desired boundaries, and expectations.

Be Empathetic With Yourself

Don’t judge yourself as you explore your thoughts and feelings. Having an open mind can provide clarity. Be empathetic with yourself as you learn more about yourself and your needs.

Let Other’s Support You

If you have a tribe, that you can trust, this is the time to lean on them. Let those who can be trusted know how you feel without feeling they’ll find happiness in your situation. Allow them to provide support, to help regain your self-love, and to increase self-confidence.

Don’t Date For a While

Spend some time alone. Get to know you while you’re grieving and come to terms with the new changes in your life. I wouldn’t recommend hopping into something new still broken.

Do What Use to Make You Happy

It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship. Revisit those activities that use to bring you joy and other positive emotions. Maybe you need a spiritual awakening.

Seek Professional Help

It took me over two years to do this and its the best decision I have ever made. You need a professional to help you with this process. Especially if you don’t have tribe.

What are some ways you have been coping with your breakup? Has it been working? Tell us below.