About Nicole Sade’


Hey I’m Nicole Sade’!

Welcome to my blog! I’m super excited to have you here! Just a little about me… I’m an author, blogger, Sports and Entertainment Publicist.

My writing career started about five years ago while I was in college, working a full time job, and dealing with what I thought was a serious relationship. After becoming worn out and stressed I began to look for ways to share what I was going through in an impactful way.

I wanted to be the voice for so many women that were facing similar situations within my community and other cities.

I started this blog to inspire, uplift, and encourage women like myself with relatable topics. Blogging lead to me writing my first novel, No Room for Trust. Based off the experiences of young women in Birmingham, the novel is an tale that many teens and young adults could relate to. Inside of the novel I cover various topics using different scenarios about relationships, friendships, building trust, dating, being a college student and more. The book has been inspiring other women to not only tell their stories, but to also write them.

Besides being a writer I am the Ceo/ Lead Publicist of Envy Communication, a thriving Communication Agency serving clients throughout the south region.

Founded in 2018, our team consists of passionate and dedicated PR Professionals that specializes in public relations, brand development, creative marketing, and event planning for lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and sports professionals.

Envy Communications has strong exceptional skills in Media Relations that will help mark our clients product and service in a valuable manner by providing career changing exposure to create brand acknowledgement in Public Relations.We pride ourselves on creating brand awareness for our clients through extensive relations with national and local media, marketing tools, and strategic planning.

Want to meet me in person?

Make sure you’re following the Creative LinkUp. Every month I host an outing for all of Birmingham’s Creatives to network and promote culture and creativity.