I Am Not Accepting Bae Applications! My Career Comes Before Love


I am SINGLE as a PRINGLE and still not ready to MINGLE!

I promised myself while in my twenties I would focus on myself and my career ONLY. I made up my mind I wouldn’t date. I tried it before and I realized the impact it had on my career and things I wanted to accomplish.

Early on, I made a promise to myself that excelling in my career would be first on my list of priorities.

I made long-term commitments that consisted of college, internships, jobs, personal brands and more. I’v invested too much time and effort to short-change myself. No matter who I date or meet along the way, my career will always be the most important. I am not against the idea of love, I just refuse to let it distract me from my goals.

Recently I tried dating. The guy actually made me happy he was extremely supportive of my goals and the things I want to accomplish however he was a major distraction. I was head over hills and put everything except him behind me. My energy was focused solely on him seven days a week 24 hours a day.

People say in relationships both partners should bring 100% to a relationship. At this moment I am not willing to give half of that. I’d rather dedicate that time to myself and my career and when its meant to be love will find me… At 26 years old, I’m learning more about myself and the woman that I want to become, and I am also more aware of what I want in a relationship and the THE TYPE OF LOVE I want to experience.

Relationships requires a commitment. Before I’m able to commit, I have to show myself that I am capable of committing to myself and become the woman I want to become. Not just professionally but mentally, spiritually emotionally and financially.

“As women we often require most men to come already financially, emotionally, and mentally prepared, how about we focus on the same shit and be financially independent for ourselves!”

-Nicole Sade’ 

Dating or being in relationship will cause you to make sacrifices… sacrifices I am not willing to make at the moment. I’m sacrificing my twenties to myself and my career. I’ve been searching and have yet to be able to blend the two.

Therefore, I’m doing me right now…which is not much but a lot. I know I want kids. I know I want a a HUSBAND. BUT I need to handle my business first. 

I’m dream chasing right now!

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